This Dog Freaks Out When Anyone Tries To Touch Him, And His Grandmom Isn't Exception | Kritter Klub

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A stray dog, Geomung unexpectedly trespassed into a stranger's house, and what he found from there was life-long grief the grandma has been carrying over her husband's death..


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    Which episode of animal farm is this from? I’ve been looking for it everywhere

  5. Shipra Rai
    Shipra Rai
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    Cute doggo nd such a cute lil story I would like to see more of them together pls upload some more of geumong day to day activity with grandma

  6. Oreos life
    Oreos life
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    *it’s always one step forward and three steps back* - Olivia Rodrigo

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    Yes!!! We did it

  8. Nanni01 Meier
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    sirely he was bad treaten before when he was touched..poor baby He s sooo CUTEEE!!

  9. Napisah Mohammed
    Napisah Mohammed
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    He wants to be her body guard. Clever doggie

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    Que bella sra ayudando al perrito🐶💕🙏

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    Собаки боятся в этих странах , потому что их там могут съесть ))))

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    Wonderful story thanks for sharing 🙂

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    Hermoso 💕,con paciencia y amor todo sale bien, Saludos México

  15. Derick Smith
    Derick Smith
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    It definitely helped that he was very interested in grandma. *it might have been wrong (traumatic) but I’d have conducted a test to see wether he was following her as a friend or if he had decided to protect her? We had a stray at the farm. A large mixed mutt. He first announced his arrival by beating up/scaring away a German Shepard that was fighting our cocker spaniel. It took an entire year before he came inside the house, and that was only because of a miserably cold winter night. We called Harry (the spaniel) to come inside but had to leave the door open, where Douglas (the mix mutt) could see inside, seeing Harry getting fed. It still took over an hour. The truly stupid part was, when Douglas finally came in, he walked right past the food, into the living room, and jumped up to sprawl on the couch. Where he accepted petting and brushing just as if it was an everyday thing. Never had a problem touching him after that. (He also would respond to the name we had given him from that day on. Actually listening better than Harry who we had raised from a pup.) And from then on, he always hogged the couch !

  16. Panos
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    Nice video :)

  17. Black Creeper
    Black Creeper
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    sieht aus wie ein Worgen aus World of Warcraft

  18. Kitt
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    That's so beautiful! Now both of them will be much happier. Lots of love to Grandma for taking the situation in hand for love of a little doggo.🐕💖

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    El coronavirus está canijo 😁

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    E bravo lo specialista😍♥️

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    동물 키우지마시라 촌놈들아

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    great story

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    Questa donna ha un gran cuore !!! Non si è arresa, ed è riuscita a far innamorare questo cagnolino di lei !!! La signora è veramente una bella persona !!!

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    Infinitas Sacramentum
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    what kind a dog is this?species?

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    Ute ORGAHS
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    Grandmom hat ein großes ❤️!!! Jetzt hat der Streuner hoffentlich ein Zuhause für immer gefunden!!!🙏🙏🙏 🐕🐾🐶 👍👍👍 👏👏👏‼️

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    هذا كلب الذئب لانه يشبه الذئب

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    die leute sind geimpft, deshalb akzeptiert der hund keine beruehrung

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    Good job puppy

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    Se continuate a mangiare cane 🐕 e normale che non c'è da fidarsi 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

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    Por lo que estoy viendo en las redes , los perros están mostrando fobia a los humanos por la falta de sentimientos y conexión hacia ellos y proviene por lo que estoy viendo de las culturas chinas o orientales y de la raza llamada "amarilla". parece ser que les cuesta mucho conectar con los perros , que son los animales más próximos a los seres humanos

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    Keine Katze ist immer da wo ich bin geht sie mir nach aber die ist nicht gerne gestreichelt

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    Lo qu pasa que el si cumple las medidas de seguridad 😁😁 estanos en tiempo de tomar distancia

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    Еще до того, как услышала речь, сразу поняла по кривым ногам т штанам, что чапает кореянка

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    sweet Dog!! I hope she will continue to take care of him .. also medical !!

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    ohhhhh mein gott hat die alte o beine

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    Hola es fuertes esos vídeos como ay personas sin corazón y no respetan a los animales ellos los perritos son cariñosos y aman a sus dueños ellos si saben amar más bien tienen más amor q los umanos ,Dios bendiga grandemente a las buenas personas q aman a los perritos y hasen todo eso por ellos ellos vienen un gran corazón Dios les recompense a esos Ángeles q cuidan y curan a esos animales gracias por Acer personas buenas

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    Pobrcito se ve angustiado seguro lo han maltratado

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    Vou tentar essa técnica com a minha gatinha cremosa. Ela também tem aversão ao toque humano... ela aceita carinho dos outros gatos porém de gente não. Resgatei cremos há 4 anos e ela estava gravida com os filhotes mortos dentro dela.. ela passou por uma longa cirurgia e 2 meses hospitalizada, todos os dias eu passava para ver a bichinha.. hoje é meu bebezinho.

  51. Rosalie Golding
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    He’s getting wrong signals from her he’s confused eg : if you wave your arm to the dog it means go always causing fear 🤷‍♀️

  52. Миссис Марпл
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    Слюна у собаки так капала на мясо, что накапало воды в тазик - но есть не стала??

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    alguien español? xD

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    Mi spiacce perche"non capisco la lororo Lingua ! Pero' l,intuito mi dice che il cane 🐕ha scielto la Signora come mamma adotiva💗💗💗💗

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    GBU 💖🤗🙏😇

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    많이 예뻐해주세요 행복하세요~^^

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    Looks like he's part wolf! May be that's why! 😂

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    Beautiful ❤️🙏🙏

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    😂😂😂😂Que história linda 🐶Felicidades para vocês dois!! Abraços do Brasil 🇧🇷

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    Какое милое видео! Здоровья бабушке и собачке!

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    Πόσο τράβηξε...ο. Καιμενο. Σκηλλος.. Συχαριτηρια. Στην. Κυρία.. Που.. Έδωσε. Πρωστα σία. Στον. Σκυλλον

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    Ce chien à dû être maltraité , maintenant il va être heureux avec cette brave dame .. 💛💚💜💙💖🇫🇷

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    Way feeding the disgraced animal that don’t even let the owner touch him!

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    Pobrecito capaz y ella le pegaba

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    No one can imagine how much it took for him to feel as ease with being touched. And once that breaking point was reached, he let go and allowed real love show through. He definitely liked her. And now they both can enjoy each other's lives...

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    Como no se va asustar si se los comen

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    God bless you baby I love you

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    Health, wealth and happiness to that lovely,kind lady.

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    He's gorgeous 😍 as well. It's almost like he's quarding her. Looking after her.

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    È com'è me nessun contatto! 😊

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    Muito lindo o cuidado que a vovó tem com seus amiguinhos 😍

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    Thank u so much anuty god bless you

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    Sejam felizes 😍🐕💝

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    Actúan así cuando son maltratados o abandonados

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    He is following social distancing during pandemic times,he's smart!!😅😅😆

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    2:40 The most touching moment. 😥😥😥😥

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    That dog acts like mine.had her now for 3 yrs.she finally takes a hot dog out of my hand but still runs away when someone comes in.

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