Cat Kidnaps Her Friend's Kittens After She Lost Her Child By A Human | Animal in Crisis EP245

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Buchu and Guri have been good friends that they take care of Guri's kittens together with love and care. One day, however, Buchu starts moving the kittens outside and drops them off on the rooftop. Why has she started hiding her friend's kittens outside?


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  1. Putri Yanah
    Putri Yanah
    7 годин тому

    anak nya lucu 2 banget gemes nya

  2. Aril Sandyawan
    Aril Sandyawan
    День тому


  3. girl1213
    День тому

    Guri probably knows Buchu is scared for the kittens, but she still has to show that they're hers.

  4. Hafiz Khan
    Hafiz Khan
    2 дні тому

    I guess we cannot take pets as digits as they have a heart like us. The owner is lucky as separating kittens from the mom brings a bad vibe or shall I say unlucky like my dad used to dump a female cat away and he dont seem to be doing well after that. He didnt realised at that time raising pet brings in good vibe or lucky I must say.

  5. Ariq Athallah
    Ariq Athallah
    4 дні тому


  6. Elanielani Sastre
    Elanielani Sastre
    4 дні тому

    Amor de mãe, é demais esse vídeo! emociona.

  7. Em IL
    Em IL
    4 дні тому

    Rude koty są piękne, dobre,mądre troskliwe i kochane.Wszystkie koty są najsłodsze. Dobrze,że są ludzie,którzy dbają o koty-te najwspanialsze stworzenia,dające dużo radości.

  8. Nishi
    4 дні тому

    That's why I don't feel to give our stray kittens for adoption ..i feel very sad when thought about mother-kitten separation. Without sending them to unknown family (which also Lil risky too) just give them food, home , try to take care as much we can

  9. Сергей Лилак
    Сергей Лилак
    4 дні тому


  10. 2009LuckyStar
    5 днів тому

    So cute.

  11. magichwoo
    5 днів тому

    You really have to fix (spay or neuter) your cats. All you're doing is increasing the cat population.

  12. KEM Kamalia
    KEM Kamalia
    5 днів тому

    I cry so hard just because of a cat! If a human separated the cat mom from their kitten, they could to be depressed, hard for them too facing the sadness of lost.

  13. fya rafianny
    fya rafianny
    5 днів тому

    They’re 🐱🐈 angel ❤️❤️❣️❣️

  14. Светлана Алания
    Светлана Алания
    5 днів тому

    Какая прелесть

  15. Peg S
    Peg S
    5 днів тому

    How about NEUTER your cats?

  16. lila (toca life)🇦🇹
    lila (toca life)🇦🇹
    6 днів тому

    cute .3

  17. Vire
    6 днів тому

    The owner is the one to be blame for sending Buchu less than a month old kitten to other owner.

  18. Tú Quỳnh
    Tú Quỳnh
    6 днів тому


  19. Tafhima Jabeen
    Tafhima Jabeen
    7 днів тому

    Its like a daily soap😂.But man its really a heart throbbing story😢

  20. Shamzy Gaming
    Shamzy Gaming
    7 днів тому

    This is kinda funny ngl

  21. #OneTaskCrafts
    7 днів тому

    Cat does it? cute. Human does it? MONSTER

  22. ❦︎naura mahrin official❦︎
    ❦︎naura mahrin official❦︎
    7 днів тому

    Iyaa anak kucing aku ilang gara gara di culik bapaknya anak kucing akuuu😭😭😭😭

  23. Иван Семен
    Иван Семен
    8 днів тому

    Да уж, котятам очень весело путешевствовать

  24. kattie
    8 днів тому

    Which whan ur cat be Black or that other cat?

  25. yingpim za
    yingpim za
    8 днів тому

    Happy ending. Two moms & four kids. (>^__^

  26. Эмир Таалайбеков
    Эмир Таалайбеков
    8 днів тому


  27. wawan Setiawan
    wawan Setiawan
    9 днів тому

    it turns out that humans are not the only ones who like to kidnap small children

  28. Atfi Hanna
    Atfi Hanna
    9 днів тому

    My kitten has also been lost a few times, but will be found soon. Mother cats always move their kittens to narrow and dark places.

    9 днів тому


  30. maria del carmen paredes basto
    maria del carmen paredes basto
    10 днів тому

    Las gatas son los animales que adoran a sus crías, se trauma si las pierden, ellas hasta grande las dan de mamar, lástima que se incrementan muy rápido por eso es bueno esterilizarlas, hacer campañas para esto Porque hay gente que las botan preñadas y es una lástima porque sufren mucho, ouqla la gente se c oncientice

  31. Rosana gonzález
    Rosana gonzález
    10 днів тому


  32. JFM
    11 днів тому

    When you appreciate the help from family members, but they think they know better than you and keep interfering with your parenting.

  33. Shequeen King
    Shequeen King
    11 днів тому

    The kitten is so cute ♥♥♥😍😍 adorable

  34. MarvelousSandstone
    11 днів тому

    This is why here in Germany most people wait for the kittens to be 10 to 12 weeks before giving them to new families. They also rarely just give them all away at once either. My youngest cat for example was the second to last one to leave his mother out of 5 siblings. The other 3 went home with their new humans spread out over a whole week and a bit. They kept his youngest sister so mom didn't fully lose her kittens either.

  35. Aulia Husna
    Aulia Husna
    11 днів тому

    I'm stressed because my cat likes to eat my neighbor's chicks is there a video from the kritter klub that can help me?

  36. Vladimir Kiprushin
    Vladimir Kiprushin
    12 днів тому

    Хорошая история ! 👍 Авто-перевод языка порадовал, за мелкими недостатками очень правильно, теперь у меня будет канал на корейском :)

  37. MetalKing 361
    MetalKing 361
    12 днів тому

    Buchu wants Guri to take more care about her babys and not leave buchu all the work!

  38. Trần Anna
    Trần Anna
    12 днів тому

    So cuteee!😍

    12 днів тому

    That's weard she take the cats some ware and the other cat goes gets them back

  40. •Zury la Furra :3 •
    •Zury la Furra :3 •
    12 днів тому

    gata mala >:v

  41. Mia Crei
    Mia Crei
    12 днів тому


  42. Alexandra Almada
    Alexandra Almada
    12 днів тому


  43. SİM
    13 днів тому


  44. Salve Martos
    Salve Martos
    13 днів тому

    I like it but i don't understand what's the owner of the cat saying, next time i hope there's a subtitles in their vlog

  45. Fluffy Kittens
    Fluffy Kittens
    13 днів тому


  46. Ramayin gameplays
    Ramayin gameplays
    13 днів тому

    los pequeños ni siquiera saben de porque los llevan a lugares distintosxdxd

  47. 옥수수수염차
    13 днів тому

    중성화를 이미 벌써 시켜주셨으면 좋았을텐데요...............

  48. Nakiba Chowdhury
    Nakiba Chowdhury
    13 днів тому

    At least I am happy that the kittens of buchu were sent together

  49. Rhea Rhythm
    Rhea Rhythm
    13 днів тому

    what a busy day ,, hahaha ,,

  50. Sheafa Nuna
    Sheafa Nuna
    13 днів тому

    Sweet story 🤭🤭♥️♥️

  51. Zeara
    14 днів тому

    it's like giving your child up for adoption except cats have no choice in the matter you love your child don't wanna give it away yet the a couple days after the child is born someone takes the kid away and you don't get to say goodbye same as when you decide your cat can't have kids so you either get it's male parts removed or make sure the thing don't get pregnant how would you feel if someone did it to you and said you speak in a language i don't understand and i don't care if you want this or not you are doing it anyway... Sad really

  52. Pierruno
    14 днів тому

    You have to wait at least 12 weeks before you can give them away!

  53. aisan sisani
    aisan sisani
    14 днів тому

    why did they do that to buchu!!! I'm about to cry :(

  54. Roopa HB
    Roopa HB
    14 днів тому

    Intelligent mother cats

  55. sydney quinn
    sydney quinn
    14 днів тому

    What kdrama is this

  56. Alodia Art Anime
    Alodia Art Anime
    14 днів тому

    hey don't kidnap a cat people 😡😡😡👎

  57. TheSporehacker
    15 днів тому

    Child kidnapping in a nutshell

  58. la Belle toutã
    la Belle toutã
    15 днів тому

    سبحان الله الواحد الأحد الذي وهب حتى الحيوان المحبة والحنان😢 Glory be to God, the One, the One, who endowed even animals with love and tenderness😢

  59. Eduardo Alentejo
    Eduardo Alentejo
    15 днів тому

    Que gracinhas! Lindos!

  60. Wallows Echo
    Wallows Echo
    15 днів тому

    I'm sure I will see this based on a true story movie on lifetime......

  61. Rina Gueco
    Rina Gueco
    16 днів тому

    They look lovely having 2 moms who cares for them...

  62. Cecilia Adelaide
    Cecilia Adelaide
    16 днів тому

    I CaNt ✋🤣😂 the way the cat owner grabbed Bucchu (the auntie cat) and scolded her for acting innocent HAHAHAHAH 6:02

  63. Andika Setiawan
    Andika Setiawan
    16 днів тому

    Ternyata ada juga drama di dunia perkucingan haha 🐱

  64. MsLogjam
    16 днів тому

    Four weeks is too young to be separated from a mother.

  65. Văn Toàn Đinh
    Văn Toàn Đinh
    16 днів тому

    So cute

  66. Pámela Sue
    Pámela Sue
    17 днів тому

    Por situaciones tristes como éstas esterilizo a mis gatas, yo nunca daría en adopción sus bebés, los criaría a todos.

  67. Supreme Love
    Supreme Love
    17 днів тому

    this cutie orange kitten is so cute 😄

  68. Ira Goldman
    Ira Goldman
    17 днів тому

    зачем разводить столько кошек,а потом что?

  69. catiblack
    17 днів тому

    My catfriends was in a crisis, too and after leaving one small by the dauther, older has taking this one and .. brought up . And she could to make this, after a few weeks by her milk was small kitten better and not wake, like before. Her instinct was better...

  70. Altamash Akhter
    Altamash Akhter
    17 днів тому

    she is hiding them to protect them so she won't lose them as well (sad)

  71. Ani Maisarah
    Ani Maisarah
    17 днів тому


    18 днів тому


  73. alarcon t
    alarcon t
    18 днів тому

    Que belleza de mininos

  74. MauriNine
    18 днів тому

    El culpable es el Humano.

  75. Tiny Angel
    Tiny Angel
    18 днів тому

    Kritter klub has the best cat videos

  76. stan 'Anime God' Taeyong
    stan 'Anime God' Taeyong
    19 днів тому

    No wonder the kittens are EXTRA CHONK they get double milk

  77. Sanjay Rathod
    Sanjay Rathod
    19 днів тому

    Nice story, Human should have to take care of animals feeling, please don't separate from there mother.

  78. Levi Elric
    Levi Elric
    19 днів тому

    Don't take kittens away from their mothers. As "cute" as you think it is to occasionally look at a 1-2 week old, maybe give them a little time to grow

  79. ZeRRo 99fix
    ZeRRo 99fix
    19 днів тому

    Bahasa indonesia subtitles please

  80. Eco Quilting
    Eco Quilting
    19 днів тому

    Caption fail! How does a cat get a kitten "by a human"? Or do I actually want to know?

  81. Exploring the Beauty Of Korea fb
    Exploring the Beauty Of Korea fb
    19 днів тому

    I feel so sorry for the kidnapper mommy cat.. Thanks God for the happy ending,,

  82. Laura Landon
    Laura Landon
    20 днів тому

    I know Buchu pain my babies are left for University and the Army

  83. Ratri Hapsari
    Ratri Hapsari
    21 день тому

    Buchu The Kittnaper

  84. Julion Rocha
    Julion Rocha
    21 день тому

    so cute

  85. Santri Senior
    Santri Senior
    22 дні тому

    😂 realy funny

  86. RatTaxi
    22 дні тому


  87. Ravi Rawat
    Ravi Rawat
    22 дні тому


  88. mousqy
    23 дні тому

    this is sad

  89. Dоn Fabo
    Dоn Fabo
    23 дні тому

    Это же надо такое! Даже у кошек, зависть на детей! Жалко кошечку.

  90. 345Y
    23 дні тому

    Buchu just worries if the owner will give away again her nephews...

  91. Fatima Souza
    Fatima Souza
    23 дні тому

    Lindos gatinhos .

  92. The Pseudo
    The Pseudo
    23 дні тому

    Hmm...I think it would be better if the owner also giving Buchu to the new family who adopt Buchu's kitten 😐 it's not nice to separate mom and her children like that 😞

  93. Blooming20s
    24 дні тому

    I had cats for twenty years. Sometimes mother cats just want to secretly take kittens to a narrower place where human cant find them easily. They are very private animals and like to breast feed kids without being seen, just like humans...

  94. Mari Hitsuky
    Mari Hitsuky
    24 дні тому

    Alguien que hable español?

  95. pup in a cup
    pup in a cup
    24 дні тому

    the real question is: who is the father

  96. G͜͡a͜͡b͜͡r͜͡i͜͡e͜͡l͜͡a͜͡ H͜͡d͜͡e͜͡z͜͡ꨄ
    G͜͡a͜͡b͜͡r͜͡i͜͡e͜͡l͜͡a͜͡ H͜͡d͜͡e͜͡z͜͡ꨄ
    24 дні тому

    Yo siento que Guri piensa que tiene niñera gratuita no se que 😂

  97. Yara silveira
    Yara silveira
    24 дні тому

    Lindao o video

  98. Indah Keumala Putri
    Indah Keumala Putri
    24 дні тому

    kucingku selalu nyuri anak kucing saudranaya kalo dia mau melahirkan😂

  99. Mobile Gamers Unite
    Mobile Gamers Unite
    24 дні тому

    She did it to take stress off the other mom

  100. Adrian Diaz
    Adrian Diaz
    24 дні тому

    Esterilicen a sus gatitos por favor