Abandoned Poodle Was Imprisoned On An Isolated Rooftop For Two Months | Animal in Crisis EP96

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A poodle is trapped on the rooftop of a residential building unable to go down or leave the place...will anyone come to help the poodle out?

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  1. Kritter Klub
    Kritter Klub
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    Hello our lovely subscribers, subtitles in 14 languages are available if you hit the CC button on the video~~! How could someone have the heart to leave this lovely poodle on a rooftop that can't be escaped out of? 😭 Here are our social media channels to follow to keep up to date with all of our animal videos! 💙Facebook: facebook.com/kritterklub 💜Instagram: instagram.com/kritter_klub 💛Twitter: twitter.com/Kritter_Klub

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    2. TARS, CASE, & JuJu
      TARS, CASE, & JuJu
      2 місяці тому

      The dog probably belonged to some old lady and when she passed away somebody in her family put the dog on the roof.

    3. Catalina Estevez
      Catalina Estevez
      3 місяці тому

      @지수영 lo siento, no entiendo coreano. Sorry, I don't understand korean.

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      @Catalina Estevez 지수영 나 지금 집

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      @Rama Ardhana 지금 집 가는 중

  2. Febrin Pisces
    Febrin Pisces
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    So sad

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  4. Мадина
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    Желаю здоровья счастья Аллах поможет 🙏💙🙏 всё будет хорошо 💙💙 я так рада что всё хорошо закончилось спасибо ангелочек мило Спасибо ангелочек 👼👼👼👼👼👼

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  9. Elena Charintseva
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    Как он мог прожить в таком ужасе столько времени,совсем один ,страшно представить !

  10. Elena Charintseva
    Elena Charintseva
    20 днів тому

    Будьте здоровы и счастливы,за Ваше доброе сердце !!! Малыш такое пережил,теперь должен радоваться и быть счастливым,с благодарностью Елена из Москвы !!!

  11. NguyenBa Quang
    NguyenBa Quang
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    My love

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    Dios los bendiga ......

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    Tshering palden Bhutia
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    Thank you so much for your kindness.

  15. Marty Casillas
    Marty Casillas
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    Que perrito tan hermoso y que pesar por qué ? Humanos? Por qué? :(

  16. Marty Casillas
    Marty Casillas
    Місяць тому

    La manita arriba no es por qué este perro es abandonado es por su labor presupuesto que a mucha gente no nos gusta el abandono el maltrato a animales sobre todo domésticos

  17. Roberta Lozano
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    Que Deus abençoe sempre vcs anjos 🙏🙏❣️❣️❣️

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    Muy triste y gracias,

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    Que bênção esse resgate.

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    Serein saeba
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    جيد انا سعيده لأجله لقد عانى فترة شهرين متعب وخايف

  24. ちゃんご
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    本当にありがとうございます! 人間も動物も同じ生き物です 心優しい方々に助けて頂き 幸せをつかみました 本当に良かったです‼️

  25. rudy balbon
    rudy balbon
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    no translations you idiots . your language can't understand by many people , why not put subtitle in English form so that every body around world could understand what you're saying .

  26. Tran Tony
    Tran Tony
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    Tội mghiệp qua thương qua

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    Какая красивая собаченька!

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    У меня не хватает нормальных слов что бы сказать все что думаю об этом выродке который сделал это, Господи сделай так, что бы этот нелюдь почувствовал на себе все издевательства, боль, голод, что бы ему не было ни дна ни крышки.

  31. Linh Nguyễn Thuỳ
    Linh Nguyễn Thuỳ
    Місяць тому

    I cried because I missed my brown poodle. The dog in the video look like my dog

  32. Nhu Quynh
    Nhu Quynh
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    Love dog .

  33. Kiesha Freign
    Kiesha Freign
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    I have a brown poodle and 7 cats i dont let my dog and my cats Happen a evil situation Even a stray cats i feed them and rescue them Im so sad evil humans do this to animals

  34. yf Chau
    yf Chau
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  35. Solange Mamfrim
    Solange Mamfrim
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    Fico feliz gratidão por ter dado um lar para ele gratidão para todas as pessoas que o ajudarão amooo

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  37. Fabiana Cardoso
    Fabiana Cardoso
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    Quanta maldade nesse mundo.

  38. maria aparecida mendes mendes
    maria aparecida mendes mendes
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  42. Yi Jin
    Yi Jin
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    Thank you for the follow-up what a relief that the dog is ok and found a loving home.

  43. Thùy Dung
    Thùy Dung
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    Thương quá

  44. Mari Gomez
    Mari Gomez
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    Me enamore de el

  45. Erna Catape
    Erna Catape
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    Thank you to save the dog

  46. Maria de la Guadalupe Smith
    Maria de la Guadalupe Smith
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    Que hermosos proceder con el perrito

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  48. 深田三千代
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    happy ending story💖 very good👍 go to the happy life ‼️

  49. lilia Teresa Ng
    lilia Teresa Ng
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    Thank you for saving this little angel🙏♥️

  50. Siony Perez
    Siony Perez
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    Sad poodle all alone hungry thirsty almost died from starving and thirstynes 😭

  51. Liliana Rastelli
    Liliana Rastelli
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    Un grazie a tutti quelli che aiutano quelle povere anime

  52. Katrine Tenia
    Katrine Tenia
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    It breaks my heart. He looks like my very own poodle. But i i love him so much:(

  53. nphilly420
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    he probly saw them all eat his brother idk why every1 is shocked

  54. Маргарита Михельсон
    Маргарита Михельсон
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    Повезло собачке, молодцы ребята

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    Jacqueline Rodrigues
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    God bless you!

  57. Sara Mellier
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  58. liezel lancero
    liezel lancero
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    Stop abandoning dog's! It really breaks pet lover's hearts 💔😥

  59. Zuleica Antonia de Souza Zuleica Souza
    Zuleica Antonia de Souza Zuleica Souza
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    Gratidão pelo resgate, cuidados, carinho e um lar. Vocês são ANJOS♥️🙏🏽

  60. 차순덕
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    무서워하지마라 이젠 더 좋은 주인만나서 헁복하게 살아 🚘🌷

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    이렇게 예쁜 푸들 강아지한테 불쌍하게시리 왜 이런짓을 버린사람은 인간이쓰레기다 🚘🌷

  62. Aqua K
    Aqua K
    2 місяці тому

    The sad face and the shaking body really hurt my hearts. Who on earth will abandon such a lovely fellow?

  63. Quang Tạ
    Quang Tạ
    2 місяці тому

    Rảnh việc bỏ mẹ. Thế giới ngoài kia hàng tỉ con người đang sống khổ sở tủi nhục hơn cả mấy con chó. K đi kíu giúp con người mà lại còn đi kíu chó. Mạng mấy con chó ở đây chắc là quý giá hơn mạng người rồi

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    Xem kg cầm đc nước mắt tội e quá sao có con người ác bới con chó như thế

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    Zahra Zahra
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    شكرا لكم

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    애기들 차라리 마을대로 다니면서 살게 하는것도 좋은방법 왜냐 하면 전부 잡아 다리고같으 감당을 못하니 다 아락사 시키는것 의심 하게돼네요 죽으로 가는길

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    Danke 🙏🙏🙏🧿🧿🧿

  69. Silver Lily
    Silver Lily
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    There are 1.8k of heartless devils dislike humanity works 😡. Looking at how scared he was really breaks my heart 😰.God bless you all for saving lives 🙏✊👍❤️

  70. Walquiria Irmã da silva
    Walquiria Irmã da silva
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  71. Chelly Misfit
    Chelly Misfit
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    I have a toy poodle as you can see if my picture, she loves to be cuddled , most poodles do, I would have loved to have taken this dog in, even if it meant paying for it to be brought to the U.K. , do not understand how anyone could abandon any dog ,let alone such a sweetheart as this dog, hope she is now being loved 🐩🐩

  72. faty faty
    faty faty
    2 місяці тому

    Merci pour l'informateur et l'équipe et le Dr vétérinaires de sauvé ce pauvre chien caniche et de lui rendre la vie bravo

  73. Laay Santos
    Laay Santos
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    Que judiação 💦

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    ı cant stop crying😞

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    Hhoorraayyy the poodle got a true love finally

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    ช่วยน้อง ด้วย หิว ไม่น่าทิ้งน้องเลย

  77. sridhar nemani
    sridhar nemani
    2 місяці тому

    How did the dog get food and water for two months? This seems staged to me.

  78. Amatrice 1906
    Amatrice 1906
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    People hdp

  79. Susana Díaz
    Susana Díaz
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    Dios va a pedirnos cuentas de cómo tratamos a los animales y quien lo haya abandonado Dios lo vio. Gracias y Dios bendiga a quienes lo encontraron y a su nueva dueña.

  80. Kikidii Bjork
    Kikidii Bjork
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    Yebbi love heals ❤️❤️❤️

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    Un grazie di 💙a chi lha tratto in salvo......che il Signore vi benedica

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    Собачку кто - то кормил . Два месяца без воды и еды , она бы умерла

  85. Sheila Grecco
    Sheila Grecco
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    The poodle on the roof was a big dog, so what happen to him?

  86. Marcus West
    Marcus West
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    Save all the animals

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    За что мы, люди,поступаем так жестоко с нашими братьями меньшими?!

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    Very nice dog

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    Claudia Giraldo
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    Gracias por rescatarlo 🐶👏😍, Dios los Bendiga .

  97. AngloWelsh Dragon
    AngloWelsh Dragon
    3 місяці тому

    My poodle was abandoned in Korea and ended up in the dog meat trade. He was rescued by our Korean activist friends and now lives happily in England. I cried over this video. Thank you for saving this little guy and so many others xx

  98. Minh Trần Nhật
    Minh Trần Nhật
    3 місяці тому

    Đánh chết nó đi... tear this dog for meat

  99. cosmicIllusion1999
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    Why would those stairs even exist

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