Heavily Pregnant Dog With Cancer Was Abandoned But Still Waits For An Owner | Animal in Crisis EP122

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A poor, white dog who was abandoned by her owner is now heavily pregnant. However, she is not able to give birth to puppies in over a year.. Is there something wrong with her?

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    Truly hope all the abandoned dogs can meet a kind & good owner :'-) Follow our social media below to stay updated with us :) ❤Facebook: facebook.com/kritterklub/ 🧡Instagram: instagram.com/kritter_klub/ 💛Twitter: twitter.com/Kritter_Klub

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      @Christy Lowe dots don't work

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      Carol sampson
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      those people drive me crazy no compassion help that dog

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      Carol sampson
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      Speak English please

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      @allison hernandez 0

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    This are same people of always you sure they grab to eat them

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    ¡¡ 😔❤😘😥✌👋👋 !!...

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    This vet truly has a heart. What a compassionate vet.

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    Dog mah di Indonesia dan Australia 😢😭🌹yang paling suka dengan cara de :')

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    Q respetuosos los sinvergüenzas puede y los políticos también q pasa ya vale

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    зачем вы создаете специальное видео это вам не поможет вы уже так нагрешили с животными

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  15. June Cooper
    June Cooper
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    A lot of stray and sick dogs in Asia wandering the streets....in Australia,dogs are living in their owners back yards,U just don't see dogs roaming the streets like some countries overseas

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  17. Pas Go7
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    Why abandon? Just surrend her

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    No comment 🤐

  19. Sanda Nai
    Sanda Nai
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    She find the good place to gave birth the owner should do something

  20. Sanda Nai
    Sanda Nai
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    Feed her like chicken soup

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    He is she now....where ever she...she should be happy😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

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    Obg !

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    So sad I can’t stop crying why do u guys show so sad videos I’m so sad for her now

  28. Sue hidayah
    Sue hidayah
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    Is he still Alive?

  29. Andy UK - SY Corrival - Rival 32
    Andy UK - SY Corrival - Rival 32
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    So sad, I hope,she got the love she deserves now.

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  31. backoffice Acct
    backoffice Acct
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    the reason she was abandon its bec of his condition

  32. Chewanseu
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    what happened next to the dog?

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    Obg !

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    Que hermoso los amiguitos son muy bueno

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    Pelo menos, viveu o resto da vida feliz

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    Qie historia tan triste

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    Que triste pobrecita y en la calle peor x eso está así x que no tiene un amo bueno que se preocupe y se ocupe de su estado de salud a ustedes todos muchos agradecimientos x estar al pendiente pero lastimosamente no tiene una persona que de verdad quiera de corazon ❤️ hacerse cargo de ella como es de hermosa y de tierna ella merece tener un amo que la respete la quiera y se responsabilice de ella x que lo vale es hermosa Dios mío❤️🤦🙏🏻😭💔

  40. ilza Pereira
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    Como foram abana_la? E ela ficou e doente , que bom que seus últimos dias foram com pessoas boas 🙏🙏

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    Как грустно, как больно😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭Невжели не свершится чудо? О, Аллах, помоги🙏🙏🙏😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  43. Monika Gubova
    Monika Gubova
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    I'm crying, why are people like this!!! All animals have hearts... they deserve live LIFE with our LOVE!!!

  44. Ruth Piovezan
    Ruth Piovezan
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    Tomara que o dono que a abandonou, sejs abandonado quando ficar velho esse desgraçado que a abandonou.

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    Pobre angelito, cuánto sufrimiento, que tristeza por DIOS

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    ما اقسى قلوب البشر😭😭💔💔

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    Люди, заботьтесь о животных, дарите им вашу заботу и ласку - они будут вечно и искренне благодарны вам за ваше доброе участие в их судьбе. Животные - наши самые бескорыстные и верные друзья!!!

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    Please caption these videos in English.

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    Warum gehen sie so spät zum Tierarzt?😡😡😡

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    Плохой сервис и еда у вас

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    Claravoyita Mancbern
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    God bless the people that save, protect and love these angels 💕 Be happy beside God’s love, where you aren’t going to suffer anymore. 😭

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    Dios los bendiga ...

  59. Reba Easler
    Reba Easler
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    Why don't people have there pets spayed and neuter..would prolong their life. And save unwanted pets lives..I think all males should be neuter that would stop it all.

  60. tatooetugo
    Місяць тому

    A sad story

    Місяць тому

    BAEGGU's Life Story of Abandonment, Lonely, Dirty Street Life & Ending with A Cancerous Fatal Tumor is just SO SO VERY SAD! What a Beautiful , Gentle & Brave Girl you are, BAEGGU!!! Have the Happiest, Healthiest & Most Loved Life After you Cross the Rainbow Bridge, SweetHeart!!!

  62. Dragon Blood
    Dragon Blood
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    Wait, does she just die then??

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    The owner does not deserv this kind loveing more loyal then idiot ex owner ppl piss me off

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    This is not very convincing..

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    Hai dokter sudah lama, aku tidak melihat mu di kritter klub, aku ingin selalu melihat mu

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    lamentavel fiquei muito triste este cao sem afamilha antiga e ainda morrer de cancer no final

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    English please

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    Die Frauen und Männer haben,sehr gut reagiert,und der Hündin wird geholfen. Ich wünsche mit auch, das Sie Ihre Welpe bekommt,und Ihr durch eine Operation,auch geholfen wird,Sie hat so,treie Augen.

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    çok üzücü 🐶🎃🐕🐺🐩

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    Oh Lord! He is wonderful

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    Es un video triste, PERO CREO , Q LA PERRITA LA TRATAN MUY BIEN, SUPONGO Q LA PUSIERON EUTANASIA , es triste pero se l cuidó, GRACIAS>AS ,

  86. maria fidalma yane
    maria fidalma yane
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    Que mal corazón los dueños abandonar a un animal, pero otras buenas personas la ayuda hasta su final 😭🇦🇷

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    Thương em quá

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    Ich bin sehr traırig 😭😭😭

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    So sad she has a malignt Timor bless her heart she is a beautiful dog . shame on the previous owner. I hope she lives a happy life from now on xx

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  91. Zaynah Jaffer
    Zaynah Jaffer
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    animals don't deserve such pain and we really don;t deserve them. i hope her last days were happy and full of joy, god bless her and everyone who helped her.

  92. Karma Reactor
    Karma Reactor
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    Cancer from the previous owner

  93. Marie therese Biliczki
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    Faut tout stopper arretez ces videos C est pas humain.arretez Arretez.s t o p.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! C pas du fric .qu il faurdrait C des humains 🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐😤😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😣

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    Barbara Singh
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    so sad for her , God bless those who cared for her

  95. VvV
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    If you love your child, they say you are a good person. But if you love the children of animals and treat them kindly and help them, you are an angel and the galaxy will definitely respond.♥️🌹

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    What i do for subtitles

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    Please..I want to know anything about this dog .. I feel bad about it

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    Very good mather you very nice

  100. David Jesus Bergaray Oviedo
    David Jesus Bergaray Oviedo
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    Gracias por auxiliarla y apoyarla. ¡ NO AL MALTRATO ANIMAL ! El abandono de un animal es un acto cruel y degradante.