Dog Cries & Looks Around For Owner Everyday Without Knowing Her Death | Animal in Crisis EP134

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A poor bony dog with limping legs is wandering around a town with shedding tears. Everyone knew the dog as a stray dog or an abandoned dog. But surprisingly, he had a kind owner and warm house as well.. Then what happened to this dog?


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  1. Eva Torres
    Eva Torres
    10 годин тому

    My LORD !!this scenes😞 MAKE me feel pain in my heart AND crying,cause I have two dogs AND think about this AND get very sad.hope theyr'e go first than us.and with that we Will suffer a lot too.😩☹️God help us.🙏🙏

  2. Ирина Анатольевна
    Ирина Анатольевна
    18 годин тому

    Так он и с бабушкой еле еле ходил.Он видимо или старый или больной пёс.Жаль его.

  3. Ирина Анатольевна
    Ирина Анатольевна
    18 годин тому

    Так он болеет наверное

  4. Lupe Mendoza
    Lupe Mendoza
    День тому

    Reminds me of Hachi waiting for his master. So sad.

  5. Isabel Cativo
    Isabel Cativo
    День тому

    How I wish some one take for ever poor angel please help she need home I sad see nobody take care just he need little place food an compasion maby if give some medicine for depression and estrees she so 😥thank you so much I hope they give more love and care

  6. Franklin Patterson
    Franklin Patterson
    День тому

    I am elderly and this is the greatest fear I have for my dog if pass

  7. роза вольфсон
    роза вольфсон
    День тому


  8. agung supono
    agung supono
    2 дні тому


  9. Sartika D
    Sartika D
    2 дні тому


  10. Валентина Дащенко
    Валентина Дащенко
    2 дні тому

    Это, любовь...

  11. Fitriani Dj
    Fitriani Dj
    2 дні тому


  12. Eva Maritza Nuñez Báez
    Eva Maritza Nuñez Báez
    3 дні тому

    Esa historia es muy triste pobresito.bendiciones para todos

  13. Özlem Şahin
    Özlem Şahin
    3 дні тому


  14. кристина шмидт
    кристина шмидт
    3 дні тому

    Уу он как Хатико, ждал своего хозяина и не дождался😥😥😥

  15. super duper star
    super duper star
    3 дні тому


  16. Eileen Jones
    Eileen Jones
    4 дні тому

    If they truly loved him , they would see its time to let him go to be with more suffering. I've been thru that final moment 17 times over the years but when I look in his eyes I see that look.....its time to love him enough to let him go.......please

    1. FacelessTruth
      2 дні тому

      They may think the grandma likes it that way, but they don't love him so as soon as the dog shows sign of depression should let him be a free spirit wandering another realm.

  17. Leila Alves
    Leila Alves
    4 дні тому

    Como chorei 😭🥺🥺

  18. Paola dosi
    Paola dosi
    4 дні тому

    Aiutatelo vi prego

  19. Paola dosi
    Paola dosi
    4 дні тому

    Povero cucciolo ..tristissimo.. commovente ..😰😰😰

  20. linn smith
    linn smith
    5 днів тому


  21. 雲夢 如
    雲夢 如
    5 днів тому


  22. Juan Angel Trigo Tió
    Juan Angel Trigo Tió
    6 днів тому

    How we treat animals is how we treat our own.

  23. Милана Матирзаева
    Милана Матирзаева
    6 днів тому


  24. bulterrier San Roman Gomez
    bulterrier San Roman Gomez
    6 днів тому

    Ah ese perro hay que ponerle medicina , para que esté más cómodo hombre

  25. Meilie Mamahi
    Meilie Mamahi
    6 днів тому


  26. Akbar Ahmad
    Akbar Ahmad
    6 днів тому

    Second real life hachiko monogari story

  27. Harsh Wardhan
    Harsh Wardhan
    7 днів тому

    Before getting jindols owner they must show her body to jindol ……but it didn’t happened as a result jindol still thinks that she is still alive….after seeing her body jindol must know the fact….this pet might not eaten from saveral weeks except water that’s why his liver n kidneys affected….it’s very painfull within my heart n soul after seeing this….my pray will recover jindol as soon as possible during his days of depression ….ONLY PETS KNOWS THE REAL N TRUTHFUL VALUES OF LOVE CARE N UNDERSTANDINGS…..THIS NATURE WILL HEAL HIM N WILL MAKE HIM TO COME OUT OF THIS PAIN SORROW N HIS GREEF.

  28. Luz mary Brand
    Luz mary Brand
    7 днів тому

    Hay mucha gente que no cree que los perritos que ellos sienten tristeza y se enferman cuando la persona que los concientes y les da cariño se va y los deja o muere ,porque estaban a la persona ,que pesar va ha morir el perrito de pena moral

  29. Светлана Дынникова
    Светлана Дынникова
    7 днів тому

    Какая преданность,так его жалко,до слёз.

  30. Happy Puppy
    Happy Puppy
    7 днів тому

    Dog is so sad

  31. Vanesa Piña
    Vanesa Piña
    8 днів тому

    Muchas grasias x esta bonita lavor..❤🙏

  32. Elsa C. Lalli
    Elsa C. Lalli
    8 днів тому

    No está subtitulado en español 😥😔

  33. maru rodriguez
    maru rodriguez
    9 днів тому

    Que tristeza

  34. Vilma Gomez
    Vilma Gomez
    9 днів тому

    He cries often look at the marks on his eyes. Very sad. Please help him his old .

  35. Claire Ingram
    Claire Ingram
    9 днів тому

    Please help love, cuddles, treats, blankets, shelter, food good, shampoo etc

  36. patricia collins
    patricia collins
    9 днів тому

    helping pets in need is something we all need to do, we do not get to see all the rescues and care that people do for the pets,but we appreciate those who make this a way of life,i feed as many as i can,because they have feelings too. Please if you see a animal in need do the best that you can to help them.

  37. Rosa Couto
    Rosa Couto
    9 днів тому

    God bless you all 🐕❤🙏

  38. SaberTigerRanger
    9 днів тому

    Jindol, wherever you are now, hope you find peace, you have been a good dog, a good soul...

  39. Elisabet Dermit
    Elisabet Dermit
    10 днів тому

    A mi me ocurrio , cuando murio mi abuela..desde que quedo sin su dueña ..lo cuide 10 años ...iva todos los dias a su propia casa a cuidarlo y darle todo mi amor....🐶❤

  40. Elisabet Dermit
    Elisabet Dermit
    10 днів тому

    Si que sabe que murio...pero la trizteza al no resignarse que no la encuentra lo invade...y a la vez no se resigna que no esta...muy triste..😢.. te amo jindol hermoso..

  41. Doğa Tuncay
    Doğa Tuncay
    10 днів тому

    Çok tatlı

  42. sadia sultana
    sadia sultana
    10 днів тому

    This is the best channel who help animal MAY GOD BLESS YOU

    10 днів тому

    This is such a SAD story. Grandma's remaining family seems to have the means to have this poor depressed dog be seen by a VET with the 1st Signs of his Depression from Missing his beloved Grandma. I just don't get it why he was not cared for since he was loved so much before Grandma died.

      10 днів тому

      @onzia I totally Agree. Thank you for the Details of what this poor heart-broken dog went through for 2 long years. I mean, his Tear Paths had Visible Permanent Marks, his Loss of Appetite seen in his Emaciated Body and his Painful walk due to age and ailing hind leg, these all Screamed throughout the Video! What a terrible SHAME for his Obvious NEGLECT! ALL his Sufferings were Reasonably Avoidable IF ONLY someone in Grandma's remaining Family really cared for him.

    2. onzia
      10 днів тому

      same here. it looks like they just didn't care 💔😔😢😭why was he being kept outdoors too😠 im sure the grandma kept him inside with her! i doubt she kept him in such a broken down filthy place and blanket! they are to blame made him more sadder im sure with their indifferent treatment once the grandma wasn't around to see it! if only they took him to a vet once when they saw him crying 😢😔💔 he would be alive and in good health. his heart was broken and he wanted to leave this world.

  44. Alicia Lopez Sanchez
    Alicia Lopez Sanchez
    10 днів тому

    Que triste historia, me hizo llorar

  45. Amparito Gutiérrez Vásquez
    Amparito Gutiérrez Vásquez
    11 днів тому

    Me parece que a este perrito lo descuidaron mucho, cuando murió la abuela, debieron haberle brindado acompañamiento, ahora que ya lo quieren hacer el perro está muy grave, que ironía ahora tratando de darle lo que no le dieron antes, que tristeza por ese perrito😭😭

  46. Оксана Чумакова
    Оксана Чумакова
    11 днів тому

    Может с Джиндолом ходит призрак бабушки и они вместе гуляют по городу который был дорог этой женщине

  47. Nina Ovchinnikova
    Nina Ovchinnikova
    11 днів тому

    Как же жалко пёсика! Вот у кого душа широкая, и сердце верное.

  48. Susi Vegan
    Susi Vegan
    12 днів тому

    Se tivessem dado amor a ele tb como a avó dava ele ñ teria ficado assim tão mal! Parece um cachorro de rua! Com tanta gente em casa podendo cuidar dele...lamentável. Ainda filmam essa tristeza toda! Prá quê? Prá ficarem famosos?

  49. Lucia helena Nunes
    Lucia helena Nunes
    12 днів тому


  50. Marbella Ruiz
    Marbella Ruiz
    12 днів тому

    Me recordo a la pelicula de SIEMPRE A TU LADO que perrito tan amoroso y fiel dicen dale a un perro tu vida y el te dara su corazon y aqui se refleja el amor aun despues de muerta la abuela. Hay que cuidarlos y amarlos

  51. Janeth Mera
    Janeth Mera
    12 днів тому

    Es un caso parecido a hashiko solo su dueño lo amaba y cuidaba, la esposa del dueño nunca le hizo caso solo cuando han pasado años de pena y sufrimiento está señora olvidó, su hija quiso hacer se cargó de el pero no es lo mismo. En fin cuando eres papi o mami de perritos siempre mira a otra persona que disfrute de su compañía y ame a los perritos, a veces los peluditos mueren primero es lo mejor porque tú cómo ser humano te defiendes en este mundo a veces tan cruel, pero si tú mueres primero estos peluditos quedan solos y sufrirán mucho más.

  52. Марина Майорова
    Марина Майорова
    12 днів тому

    И, нас володьЯ доведёт до ТАКой ЧЕРТЫ!!!!! Просрочка из контейнера, милостыня, смерть в КАНАВЕ.....

    12 днів тому

    Мы не заслуживаем собак! У них такое большое сердце и преданность!😩

    1. VallZR
      10 днів тому

      И собак и кошек. Насколько они бывают лучше, порядочнее людей. Поражает.

    13 днів тому

    Pobre sitos nomás bien. Asufrir yamorir y. Yahay. Mucho calle Jero y enfermo rescaten. No les echen aceite caliente niagua caliente salberlos por favor sufren ygual que una persona sienten igual que las personas Elizabeth Hernandez

  55. Adri
    13 днів тому

    I wonder why he was crying when the woman was still you know or guess something?...

    1. Adri
      10 днів тому

      @onzia yes :(....the truth is that his eyes were full of tears ...not much when the woman died, but he was....maybe his eyes were infected?...I don't know, but did you see again that part? :(

    2. onzia
      10 днів тому

      😞 are you for real??

  56. Maria Guadalupe Velázquez
    Maria Guadalupe Velázquez
    14 днів тому

    What a SAd story

  57. Pia Bandara
    Pia Bandara
    14 днів тому


  58. Marie Ann Laforteza
    Marie Ann Laforteza
    15 днів тому

    I love you Jindol

  59. Nazario Zuccarino
    Nazario Zuccarino
    15 днів тому


  60. Немо немо
    Немо немо
    15 днів тому


  61. Chi Nguyen
    Chi Nguyen
    16 днів тому

    Thương em quá

  62. Esperanza Piragua
    Esperanza Piragua
    16 днів тому


  63. ピン子 ピン子
    ピン子 ピン子
    17 днів тому


  64. 김기영
    17 днів тому

    몇번을봐도 가슴아픈 강아지 행복하게 살아라

  65. Út Cô
    Út Cô
    17 днів тому

    chắc là chú đi trên con đường mà cún thường đi với bà để mong gặp lại bà

  66. Valerie Smith
    Valerie Smith
    17 днів тому

    What a lovely but sad story ,now he might get a little peace of mind ,bless all of you

  67. cocoquinn
    18 днів тому

    I'm crying .... human moves on but pets can't 😭

  68. elyas s.k.n
    elyas s.k.n
    18 днів тому

    Although I do not know your language and I do not understand the subtitles, but from this story my heart broke and I cried a lot.😔💔😢😢

  69. Thiqui Le
    Thiqui Le
    20 днів тому

    Thật cảm động . Con Chớ có tình . Tại sao Có người còn tệ hơn Con Chó

  70. Veronica Vatavu
    Veronica Vatavu
    20 днів тому

    Mare păcat l Cu oameni în jur și așa de singur l

  71. Veronica Vatavu
    Veronica Vatavu
    20 днів тому

    E mort de sete l

  72. YoungArtClay
    20 днів тому

    Dogs are love. When a dog runs out of love it dies.

  73. Zina Hearon
    Zina Hearon
    21 день тому


  74. Saloni Chavan
    Saloni Chavan
    21 день тому

    Omg I think he is in depression 😭❤️

  75. Martina Tratz
    Martina Tratz
    22 дні тому

    Wouldn't it be better for the dog to have him euthanized because of his desperate condition? He is extremely tormented. I would have taken him for a walk long ago!

  76. Aurora Pérez Ortega
    Aurora Pérez Ortega
    23 дні тому

    What happen help he please

  77. Aurora Pérez Ortega
    Aurora Pérez Ortega
    23 дні тому


  78. Cecelia Ross
    Cecelia Ross
    23 дні тому

    I cant stop crying now. I wish people could love the same as animals. This is truly an eye opener to let us humans realise that animals have feelings as well.

  79. Napisah Mohammed
    Napisah Mohammed
    23 дні тому

    Such a faithful dog. Full of love.

  80. Neneth Nazareth
    Neneth Nazareth
    24 дні тому

    So sad

  81. Екатерина Левченко
    Екатерина Левченко
    24 дні тому

    Очень печальная история.... Душа разрывается.... Скорее бы Джин должен встретился с бабушкой на Радуге 😇😇😇

  82. Тамара КРАЙНОВА
    Тамара КРАЙНОВА
    25 днів тому

    Пожалуйста на русском языке.

  83. Giang Thị Nga
    Giang Thị Nga
    25 днів тому

    Thường chó mèo bị bỏ rơi đói khát. Nên cho nó uống trước ăn sau vì mó khát khô họng ăn không nổi.

  84. THỊ CHẨN Đổ
    25 днів тому

    Con cho con biet nho ba chu , moi ngay di voi ba , gio ba chet roi , cho buon. . .

  85. CM W
    CM W
    26 днів тому

    Wie treu dieses liebe Tier ist .. da möchte man weinen ..

  86. CM W
    CM W
    26 днів тому

    Seitdem ich den Menschen kenne , liebe ich die Tiere ....

  87. Geeta Chaudhary
    Geeta Chaudhary
    26 днів тому

    English subtitles please....we can't understand the language

  88. Divya Goreti
    Divya Goreti
    27 днів тому

    Its very painfull to watch ...imagine how painful it will be for this sad doggie 🥺😔

  89. Tshering Palden Bhutia
    Tshering Palden Bhutia
    27 днів тому

    So sad ,But thank God his Owner will do care of him 🙏🙏👍👍🙏

  90. AliKeira
    28 днів тому

    I want to love as much as dogs love

  91. AliKeira
    28 днів тому

    People don't deserve that kind of devotion

  92. Vania Toledo
    Vania Toledo
    28 днів тому


  93. MrCowabungaDude
    28 днів тому

    I've seen a dog get hit by a car before; same size like that dog; it's hip looked hurt because it was dragging it's lower half crying out. The driver was very bad because no one was around on the road and a dog could visibly be seen from the distance of the approach. I felt mad for the dog because I didn't have a car either, I was riding my bicycle. If I had a car, maybe I could've helped. I don't like calling police about animals either. It was the drivers irresponsiblity; maybe talking too much on the phone. That's a nice looking dog, at least it stays busy.

  94. Jennifer A
    Jennifer A
    29 днів тому

    Really bad owners. 👎 They could of cared much more for Jindol.

  95. Gabriela Llevenes
    Gabriela Llevenes
    Місяць тому


  96. Carmen Hiro
    Carmen Hiro
    Місяць тому


  97. yo Garcia
    yo Garcia
    Місяць тому


  98. Audrina Bajao
    Audrina Bajao
    Місяць тому

    Good bless big I love you family jesus love you okay ❤️ queen 👑❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️