Dog Born With No Legs Has One Hope For Walking | Animal In Crisis EP39

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Jjomaeng wants to run and play with his family and friends. Will his wish come true?


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  1. Reena Mishra
    Reena Mishra
    11 годин тому

    Aunty you are so good

  2. Third Eye
    Third Eye
    21 годину тому

    He did the very best he could when he had to pee and lay in it, then his brother came over and cleaned him up. The lady simply mopped it up and showed him love. What a saint. God bless that family and all the good people on earth.

  3. Angelica Nicol
    Angelica Nicol
    22 години тому


  4. Gracie Gracie
    Gracie Gracie
    День тому


  5. Gracie Gracie
    Gracie Gracie
    День тому


  6. Helena Azara
    Helena Azara
    День тому

    Q lindo.

  7. Irma Vargas
    Irma Vargas
    День тому

    How adorable

  8. Irma Vargas
    Irma Vargas
    День тому

    God bless you

  9. Irma Vargas
    Irma Vargas
    День тому

    Thank you sooo much for helping the dog

  10. Nuongcoker Coker
    Nuongcoker Coker
    2 дні тому

    Love 🐕🐕🐕❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏😢😢😢❤️❤️❤️🐕🐕🐕❤️❤️❤️

  11. venkata lakshmi
    venkata lakshmi
    3 дні тому

    Lovely family 🙏

  12. Aree Deesri
    Aree Deesri
    3 дні тому

    Why not try to get wheel chair for him please

    3 дні тому


    4 дні тому

    Que lindo !!❤❤❤

  15. Gloria Dunlop
    Gloria Dunlop
    4 дні тому

    Wow God bless for looking after the little dog 🐕

  16. سبحان الله وبحمده
    سبحان الله وبحمده
    4 дні тому

    سلامي لكم

  17. Cotton Candy
    Cotton Candy
    4 дні тому

    Bless that lady she looks after her pups so well and they are all adorable even the one with no legs.

  18. Baishakhi Das
    Baishakhi Das
    5 днів тому

    you r real person,I salute u.

  19. Thu Hương Lữ Thị
    Thu Hương Lữ Thị
    5 днів тому

    Thương e quá!😢

  20. guy
    5 днів тому

    Is it possible in the future to get that dog to have prosthetic legs?

  21. Judy Mady
    Judy Mady
    6 днів тому

    God bless his owner who loves and adores him.

  22. Evelia Luna
    Evelia Luna
    6 днів тому

    God bless u Beautiful brother teke cer 🙏🙏🙏

  23. Bejie Cab
    Bejie Cab
    8 днів тому

    I watch this 2 years ago and I’m still watching now!! It’s sooo touching!! Thank you for the love your giving him. Even though I cannot understand any words .. I still know how they love him.. thank you and God bless you and your family

  24. Alanisa Bulawan
    Alanisa Bulawan
    9 днів тому

    Don't be cry..Mam..You are a caring Person and loving that kind of dog had no legs, You are sent From God to care The dog, God bless you sir and mam.

  25. Matilde Zaraut
    Matilde Zaraut
    9 днів тому

    Le pusieron una silla muy pesada 😞

  26. Matilde Zaraut
    Matilde Zaraut
    9 днів тому


  27. Matilde Zaraut
    Matilde Zaraut
    9 днів тому

    Por favor hagan algo pará qué caminé Dios los bendiga CDMX

  28. jerraye taylor
    jerraye taylor
    9 днів тому

    See angels are amoung us and alot care for animals.

  29. selketskiss56
    9 днів тому

    Ok great job on the wheel chair but they should have made him some type of boots for the front nubs with some type of grippers on the bottom of them. This is going to cause injury to his front nubs.

  30. 박종숙
    9 днів тому

    아무나 버리지 않아요 인간들의 인성ㅈ사고방식이문제지요 버리고 하는인간들 인성자체가 문제지요

  31. Lisa Stonehouse
    Lisa Stonehouse
    10 днів тому

    Thank you so much for helping this beautiful baby

  32. Wanda Sajor
    Wanda Sajor
    10 днів тому

    I wanted to cry,when I saw this pitiful dog without limbs but since the owner love this dog 🐕 so much,I think somebody gave him a trolley so that he can walk or they bought it for their dog.

  33. Wanda Sajor
    Wanda Sajor
    10 днів тому

    Especially dogs because I have 2.

  34. Wanda Sajor
    Wanda Sajor
    10 днів тому

    That's right I also loved animals

  35. Татьяна Фомина
    Татьяна Фомина
    11 днів тому

    почему у них не усыпляют сразу после рождения собачек инвалидов это было бы гуманнее чем смотреть какая собака несчасная.

  36. nisa komkrid
    nisa komkrid
    11 днів тому


  37. Marina S
    Marina S
    12 днів тому


  38. Ganesamoorthy Gmoorthy
    Ganesamoorthy Gmoorthy
    12 днів тому

    God bless good lady

  39. Arvind Hembrom
    Arvind Hembrom
    12 днів тому

    God bless those who are taking abundantly care of such cheerful dogs❤❤

  40. Carol Prescott
    Carol Prescott
    12 днів тому

    What a beautiful family with so much love they love all their dogs but the care and love they have for the beautiful angel of a dog with no legs oh my god it touches my heart so it made me cry so much how there is good people in the world that will do anything for their pet so that their pet will have a wonderful life and the dog that needs help what his brother did for him god bless him And his whole family too cause all that love they give them dogs especially the one that needs more help that makes him stronger

  41. Kathleen Dwyer
    Kathleen Dwyer
    12 днів тому

    They are such kind people

  42. Victoria Nazareno
    Victoria Nazareno
    12 днів тому

    What a happy ending.

  43. Victoria Nazareno
    Victoria Nazareno
    12 днів тому

    These is making me cry. I loved dogs and cats. And what made more cry, is whe he got he’s wheel braces. Thank god that these husband and wife never gave up taking care of these dog.

  44. Ольга Трещенок
    Ольга Трещенок
    13 днів тому

    Здоровья собачке и его спасителям !!! 🌿☀️💞💞💞🐕💞💞💞☀️🌿🐾🐾🌹🌹🌹🌹

  45. Zuleica Antonia de Souza Zuleica Souza
    Zuleica Antonia de Souza Zuleica Souza
    13 днів тому

    Gratidão pelo trabalho lindo amor em movimento ♥️

  46. Syamine Abd
    Syamine Abd
    13 днів тому

    Heart touching 😪 May God help and bless this family with prosperity, wealthy and good health. They have so beautiful soul and thank you so much for taking care of him ♥️

  47. Jenifer Santana
    Jenifer Santana
    14 днів тому

    Me gustaría una segunda parte donde se pueda ver si aprendió a correr con el aparato

  48. Hakka
    14 днів тому

    A lovely lovely dog ! Like !

  49. Marie ange Campagnolo
    Marie ange Campagnolo
    14 днів тому

    Wonderful people with a big heart !! All the best to this family and to their dogs !

  50. Naddia Sanichara
    Naddia Sanichara
    14 днів тому

    He knows he is different but nothing can keep him back

  51. peter
    14 днів тому


  52. L Jamila
    L Jamila
    15 днів тому


  53. Roopa HB
    Roopa HB
    15 днів тому

    I really bad to him i hope his happy now his walking around

  54. Hfx Vvhh
    Hfx Vvhh
    17 днів тому

    الرحماء يرحمون مشاءالله

  55. dan yal
    dan yal
    17 днів тому

    The solid dibble substantially disarm because jeep corroboratively amuse outside a alleged windscreen. obnoxious, weak girdle

  56. Edna Burger
    Edna Burger
    17 днів тому

    O!this baby is so beautiful I love her or him. And she or he is so happy ,is nice to see .BEAUTIFUL.GOD BLESS THE PUPPY.Uou are an angel woman ,you are looking so beautiful after this puppy .Thank you Lady .

  57. Margarete Müller
    Margarete Müller
    17 днів тому

    Tausende küsse von mir💋💕💕💕💕💕💋ihr seid die besten

  58. Marilyn Morales
    Marilyn Morales
    18 днів тому


  59. Nurlo Жумадло
    Nurlo Жумадло
    19 днів тому


  60. Нина
    20 днів тому

    Ой, маленький, так охота его на ручки взять! Я бы его на полянку выносила!

  61. Lanie Parnecio
    Lanie Parnecio
    20 днів тому

    Even me i cried too !

  62. Lanie Parnecio
    Lanie Parnecio
    20 днів тому

    Thanks Mom for taking good care of him ! He is lucky to have you ! He seems very good dog .

  63. Reve Ska
    Reve Ska
    22 дні тому

    Aku sedih liatnya.

  64. Bubby
    22 дні тому

    The dog has no legs but is still so adorable

  65. Bubby
    22 дні тому

    Oh my god,I nearly choked on my water when his snout got close to the pee,I thought he was gonna lick it

  66. Solange Silva
    Solange Silva
    23 дні тому

    Amor pelos animais é a coisa mais linda do mundo e Deus abençoa aquele que cuida e respeita os animaizinhos 😍🙏

    25 днів тому

    Thank you for keep him alive and happy my heart go with you Cheer luckiest dog 🐕💓💛💖

  68. jose deabreu
    jose deabreu
    26 днів тому

    Poor little dog intelligent friendly

  69. yasmin barkho
    yasmin barkho
    26 днів тому

    What a lovely family GOD BLESS YOU ALL❤❤❤❤

  70. rita eloi
    rita eloi
    27 днів тому

    Tadinho 😪

  71. Ivylin Rolle
    Ivylin Rolle
    27 днів тому

    He so cute I would Love to have him at my house I LOVE his brother TOO

  72. Tressa Roy
    Tressa Roy
    29 днів тому

    I don't think any dog will have the best and wonderful home ever👍

  73. Irenita Oreta
    Irenita Oreta
    29 днів тому

    Ive been watching this for several times,i pity this dog.

  74. Lauralili Carbajal
    Lauralili Carbajal
    29 днів тому

    Benditos todos los que lo protegen, y ayudaron ara q su vida sea más cómoda... Porque feliz lo es. Es amado....

    Місяць тому


  76. Нина Каргопольцева
    Нина Каргопольцева
    Місяць тому

    Такая красавица и нет ножек, и это её не портит!!

  77. Marie Astwood
    Marie Astwood
    Місяць тому

    Tears😥when I saw the dog have no legs. So cute when she was on her bed and pillow. Bless your ❤🐕❤❤❤guys😘❤🐕Dog so cute🐕❤🐕

  78. Mariá Moreyra
    Mariá Moreyra
    Місяць тому

    Que hermoso perrito🤗🐾❤🇦🇷

  79. Rosa Amarilla
    Rosa Amarilla
    Місяць тому

    Que felicidad para esta familia que lo cuidó tanto 🥰👍

  80. Rosa Amarilla
    Rosa Amarilla
    Місяць тому

    Hermoso video !.❤

  81. Lulu Blancas
    Lulu Blancas
    Місяць тому

    Que dios los bendiga por querer al perrito

  82. Darejan Trapaidze
    Darejan Trapaidze
    Місяць тому


  83. Paola Pacheco
    Paola Pacheco
    Місяць тому

    Bendiciones a esa hermosa familia x ayudarlo a ser feliz

  84. тери бг
    тери бг
    Місяць тому

    Oooo 🐕 so beautiful ♥️😘Isn't there an organization that can help make prostheses for him? I guess it will be expensive ...Owner is 👼♥️

  85. Mark Goldin
    Mark Goldin
    Місяць тому

    Любого, у кого есть хоть что-то человеческого внутри, это видео не может оставить равнодушным. И вдруг полторы тысячи дизлайков. Кто вообще эти зрители? Ну вот что здесь их не устраивает, не понимаю.

  86. Мадина Расулева
    Мадина Расулева
    Місяць тому

    Какие любящие хозяева

  87. Panisara Shongkam
    Panisara Shongkam
    Місяць тому

    ร้องไห้​ตาม​เลย​คะ​ ขอให้​มีความสุข​มาก​ๆ​นะคะ​

  88. Bhawna Pal
    Bhawna Pal
    Місяць тому

    He is adorable energetic and playful❤️

  89. Kusuma wardani
    Kusuma wardani
    Місяць тому


  90. Камиль Саидов
    Камиль Саидов
    Місяць тому


  91. Darja V
    Darja V
    Місяць тому

    Оденьте ему ботиночки хотя бы на передние культи, ему же удобнее будет отталкиваться!

  92. ML Zero VI
    ML Zero VI
    Місяць тому

    Jjomaeng and brother u know how lucky and great family u have. I wish all of animal in the world will have a good family like this and act to each other without species line including human being.!!! Have a good life and be happy Jjomaeng and the family 🙏🙏🙏

  93. Malika Bouka
    Malika Bouka
    Місяць тому

    🌹🌹🌹 الراحمون يرحمهم الله بارك الله فيكم 👏👏👏💖💖💖💓💓💓

  94. Mario Santos
    Mario Santos
    Місяць тому

    Que lindo , Deus abençoe muito voceis ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  95. SquirrelMouser
    Місяць тому

    What an absolutely beautiful family. If Jjomaeng had been born into any other home his life would have been very poor. This family has done so much for him and his brother is an angel. We need more people like Jjomaengs family in this sad world.

  96. Cathy
    Місяць тому

    omg, he is absolutely such a beautiful fur baby. My heart goes out to him! I just want to hug him and play with him, he is just too cute!! Wishing nothing but happiness for him from now on!

  97. Cavella Taylor
    Cavella Taylor
    Місяць тому

    But when he poops I know that's got to be disgusting though sorry

  98. katherine owian
    katherine owian
    Місяць тому

    That sweet baby gets around as best he can. Such a blessing his hooman-parent works with him to give him the best life he can have. You can tell he was embarrassed he wet the floor because he couldn't get outside in time. She needs a stroller for this wee one, because he wants to be near her always. Can't understand the words, but the love shines through.

  99. Tanya
    Місяць тому

    Этой собачке повезло!!! Спасибо вам добрые люди!!!

  100. Михаил Мурашев
    Михаил Мурашев
    Місяць тому

    Ну как так то,за что?