What This Dog Did Right After Clearing The Shell Game Is? (Part 1) | Kritter Klub

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Ttoi the dog became the master of the shell game thanks to the father's love
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  1. Kritter Klub
    Kritter Klub
    20 днів тому

    Follow the link below for part 2:)) 📍Part 2: ukreads.info/town/yW7cuLF403qRp8c/v-deo

    1. _*moon*_
      20 днів тому

  2. Erwin Smith
    Erwin Smith
    14 годин тому

    He is just so adorable. Does anybody know how to get a Bichon breed in the US?

  3. SİM
    6 днів тому


  4. i am Jasmin Lofranco
    i am Jasmin Lofranco
    12 днів тому

    Hehehehehe! She or He likes to play mind game. Its so cute!

  5. Verx 123
    Verx 123
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    bc a
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  7. Barbara Gabbani
    Barbara Gabbani
    17 днів тому

    Hi, good evening, what a nice, pretty chid weared by white dog! He is dancing, wow! He's so tender, active, acfetionated to you! It is a pleasure can see him! Thanks for this video! Love and music for this child, love for you. 💕💕💕🐩💕💕💕💃💃💃😄😄😄🙏🤗🤗🤗🥰🥰🥰🌟🌟🌟👍❤️🤗🥰🎶🎶🎶💕🐩💕👍🙋‍♀️

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    Just Ho
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    Наталья Ясень
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  10. ceica maria'
    ceica maria'
    20 днів тому

    Oh meu Deus que coisa mais linda essa bb que Deus abençoe 😍😍😍

  11. Kaye Sarmiento
    Kaye Sarmiento
    20 днів тому

    He’s so energetic!

  12. Đời Và Tình Người
    Đời Và Tình Người
    20 днів тому

    Hello Channel Owner And Hello everyone on the Channel, Duy New as UKreads Specialized in returning abandoned dogs and currently Duy has a few children, Hope everyone takes some time to register for the channel so that Duy is lucky to find Money to take care of the dogs better, Thank you very much.

  13. Nancy Hildebrandt
    Nancy Hildebrandt
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  14. Hope Topper
    Hope Topper
    21 день тому

    Jeez, what a cute ball of fluffyness with brains! I can't wait to see this dog enter a ballroom dancing competition. Begging for part 2. ❤️👏🐕💕

  15. Cam hong Nguyen thi
    Cam hong Nguyen thi
    21 день тому


  16. Laura Djdkdh
    Laura Djdkdh
    21 день тому

    Uffff so cute and beautiful 😇🥰

  17. Zuliyanti
    21 день тому

    Cute dog....😘😘

  18. Angela 15091960veneza
    Angela 15091960veneza
    21 день тому

    Ahh que gracinha meu Deus 😍💜😍💗💞

  19. Anna Prim
    Anna Prim
    21 день тому

    Какой красавец Бишон Фризе.

  20. andy
    21 день тому

    😍😍😍💕😘🐶 jjjiii thank Happy Monday 😅

  21. Sangat Rahasia
    Sangat Rahasia
    21 день тому

    next part 2 ... 1 januari 2059 ixixixxixi

  22. Eagle Deer77
    Eagle Deer77
    21 день тому

    Awesome doggy Blessings

  23. cioccolata per tutti
    cioccolata per tutti
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  24. Lloyd SMITH
    Lloyd SMITH
    21 день тому

    *If you like dogs, maybe you can help me( if you want : D) in order to reach 1000 subscribers before my dog leaves us* 😥

  25. Brenda Marshall-Lewis
    Brenda Marshall-Lewis
    21 день тому

    awesome baby

  26. Walter Schur
    Walter Schur
    21 день тому

    It's not about talent. The dog hears a sound made by a toy under a cup.

  27. Viktor Feniks
    Viktor Feniks
    21 день тому

    А в сортире эта баба тоже в маске?

  28. Nathan Maverick Cambaling
    Nathan Maverick Cambaling
    21 день тому

    This dog is a great dancer

  29. Joanna McRae
    Joanna McRae
    21 день тому

    Please don't forget part 2

  30. Lina T
    Lina T
    21 день тому

    Dogs are amazing!

    21 день тому

    Beauty, Poise & Intelligence in a fluffy white bundle of Joy!

  32. SİNEM
    21 день тому

    0.14 dance dance .D

  33. мадам Н
    мадам Н
    21 день тому

    Уменький он песик и предмет обязательно найдет!

  34. Марина Александрова
    Марина Александрова
    21 день тому

    Потрясающе! Надо со своей собакой попробовать.

  35. Handita Yulian
    Handita Yulian
    21 день тому

    Ttoi is so adorable and smart ❤️❤️

  36. Elif Eser
    Elif Eser
    21 день тому

    SOO CUTE♡♡

  37. Inevitable P
    Inevitable P
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  38. L Mercy
    L Mercy
    22 дні тому

    good boy but obviously the dog chooses the last cup that moved

  39. Venetia A Nortrup
    Venetia A Nortrup
    22 дні тому

    Waiting for Your part 2s make me crazy. Hahahaha Love your channel. Alaska usa

  40. abdellah chakhmane
    abdellah chakhmane
    22 дні тому

    A mazing روعة

  41. Samantha Howse
    Samantha Howse
    22 дні тому

    You haven’t seen how they get the dogs to dance it’s barbaric.

  42. อรทยะ ศลินศิริ
    อรทยะ ศลินศิริ
    22 дні тому

    น้องเก่งจัง น่ารักจริงน่ากอดด้วย

  43. Aleli Ruiz
    Aleli Ruiz
    22 дні тому

    I hope you teach this beautiful dog with love and care because he gives you to eat. And you know what i mean!!

  44. Eduardo Simao
    Eduardo Simao
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  45. Hana Winasis
    Hana Winasis
    22 дні тому

    Horeee ...... 👏 ... pinterrr ...... 😅 .... 👍 .....

  46. Osvaldo Rivera
    Osvaldo Rivera
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  47. Lisa H
    Lisa H
    22 дні тому

    YAY!!!!For the Beautiful Precious Baby. Smart and Lovable 🌹🌹🌹🌹❤❤❤😘😘😘😘🐕😘😘😘😘❤❤❤❤🌹🌹🌹🌹

  48. Nicole Khim
    Nicole Khim
    22 дні тому

    what kind of breed is it?

  49. AniFam
    22 дні тому

    What an amazing talent! It looks like Ttoi can do this all day long…❣️💯 Looking forward to Part 2!!! 🤗👍 🔆AniFam〽️

  50. HollowBoy
    22 дні тому

    He is their son.

  51. ignacio valenzuela
    ignacio valenzuela
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  52. Lucimara RS
    Lucimara RS
    22 дні тому

    LOVE !!!!!!

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    22 дні тому

    😂🙏🤗👏👏👏 Dios Los bendiga ❤️

  54. SmirkyJr
    22 дні тому

    So cute! I have a bichon frise and I used to play the shell game with him when he was young. He's 13 now, but still healthy for his age! ^^

  55. قناة فوتوغرافيا
    قناة فوتوغرافيا
    22 дні тому

    كلب جميل♥️

  56. mysterious man
    mysterious man
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  57. Claudia Gärber
    Claudia Gärber
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  58. Tourettes Guy
    Tourettes Guy
    22 дні тому

    I need this dog at the carnivals

  59. Cute Pets in Cambodia
    Cute Pets in Cambodia
    22 дні тому

    Dog Could Become The Master Of The Shell Game Thanks To Dad’s Love

  60. BORA ASMR 보라
    BORA ASMR 보라
    22 дні тому

    야바위 멍뭉이 귀엽당ㅎㅎ

  61. Claudia Quiroga
    Claudia Quiroga
    22 дні тому

    Que inteligente y concentrado !!!🥰😄 y ademas buen bailarin !!!💃💃🐾🐾 !!!!

  62. maria del valle gomez velasquez
    maria del valle gomez velasquez
    22 дні тому

    Beautiful puppy. OMG. KISSES desde Argentina

  63. rurallife TN
    rurallife TN
    22 дні тому

    Definitely loves the games you play. Concentration is phenomenal. Smart and beautiful. Loves the dancing so much. I like how she gets her own dog bed to sit on before playing the games. Adorable!

  64. bean sprout
    bean sprout
    22 дні тому

    Ttoi is such a lovely child ☺️

  65. Gisele C
    Gisele C
    22 дні тому

    How do we know there isn't the same thing under each cup?

    1. M S
      M S
      22 дні тому

      Dog's too smart. He would have let us know!

  66. 渡辺ボス
    22 дні тому

    ヌーンウォークかっこいい😁 一緒にダンス素敵ですね💕

  67. Lori Touma
    Lori Touma
    22 дні тому

    Where is part 2??? Ughh

  68. Lori Touma
    Lori Touma
    22 дні тому

    Such a smarty pie!! Look at how adorable and smart he is!!

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    1. Feeding Street Cats
      Feeding Street Cats
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    22 дні тому

    Doggo: give up hooman. your magic will not work on me.

  72. • Aesthetic_Dragon •
    • Aesthetic_Dragon •
    22 дні тому

    That's the most concentrated dog I've seen..-

  73. Maria Rojas
    Maria Rojas
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    1. Feeding Street Cats
      Feeding Street Cats
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  74. Amanda Gonzalez
    Amanda Gonzalez
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    Beautiful puppy ✌👍

    1. Feeding Street Cats
      Feeding Street Cats
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  75. naughty casserole
    naughty casserole
    22 дні тому

    i clicked on the thumbnail without reading cause i thought that was vivi 🤣

  76. Armana Saint Clair
    Armana Saint Clair
    22 дні тому

    WOW impressive and most beautiful ❤️

    1. Feeding Street Cats
      Feeding Street Cats
      22 дні тому

      Very cute🐾🐾💝💝

  77. Lahiru sankalpa
    Lahiru sankalpa
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    Very beautiful adorable cute baby panda 🐾🐾✌👍

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    Bella Yavorskaya
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  81. J's Cat World
    J's Cat World
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    God that dog is pure cuteness and he dances better than me omg

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    Yuya TFOA
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    Yoshi Yorkshire
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