Puppies Living In A Huge Rock Are At A Life Crisis Without Any Food | Animal in Crisis EP124

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Deep in the mountains, cute puppies suddenly come out from a crevice in the rock? They've been starved without food and insects and parasites in the rock threaten their lives! What happened to these puppies before?

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    Aplausos a los valientes muchachos por salvar los cachorros

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    Thank you for going above and beyond to same the family of puppies

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    God bless you and your family and the rescue team

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    God bless you and your family and the rescue team and God will love you and give you food and drink and accommodation with a caring loving family

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    Poor babies God bless you and your family and the rescue team

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    Fueron rescatados para vivir entre rejas me entristece q a los animales no les permitan vivir entre la casa de quien los acoge y q les brinden afecto, amor y caricias xq son seres vivos y lo necesitan, además cómo será el frio en las noches, y el calor en el verano en ese espacio tan reducido y vivir pisando sus propias heces los deberían haber dejado libres como el viento y no prisioneros entre rejas.

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    Luego de eso se lo llevaron al mercado chinos

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    Will they be happy having been free - now to live in a tiny little cage ?????

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    Exelente labor, hermoso rescate de los cachorros. seres extraordinarios.

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    이일을어찌합니까!!!!!~~~~ 천사님분들고생좀하시겟네요 ~~~존경스럽습니다

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    poor the puppy that died may rest in peace and I hope the puppies and their mother are happy

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    Thanks doctors

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    Отняли свободу у животных...

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      Вы вапще д ураки не на да была так те путь только зобирите домой получити

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    ¡Impresionante estuvo el rescate! Ojalá sean muy felices y vivan bien con su nueva familia...

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    ya allah subhaanalah mulia sekali team rescue hewan Korea... kapan indonesia pny chanel mulia ky gini.

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