What Happened To A Poor Puppy Falling Into A Deep Sleep For The 1st Time? | Animal in Crisis EP112

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A mournful weeping sound is heard from inside of a deep drain..? Oh my.. a poor puppy is stuck in the water pipe on a heavy rainy day... Could this puppy be safely rescued..?!

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  1. Kritter Klub
    Kritter Klub
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    Poor little pup deserves a good night's sleep zzZz Follow our social media below to stay updated with us! 🐶Facebook: facebook.com/kritterklub/ 😪Instagram: instagram.com/kritter_klub/ 💖Twitter: twitter.com/Kritter_Klub

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      Thank you, everybody. God bless you all.

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  2. Patricia Ramos
    Patricia Ramos
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    Que bellos....Gracias por ayudar a esos seres indefensos...🐶🐺🐕🐩

  3. Kittie!
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    The part the puppy laid her head on the mom.. 😭

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  5. Aicel GR
    Aicel GR
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    Very lovely story, I was crying 😢 but when I saw the reunion my heart ❤️ melted. Also, the Vet is super sweet. Thanks for amazing rescue 👏🏻

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    Janice Santana
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    Sem palavras!!! 😭

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    The dislikes were made accidentally... Since they got too carried away, their tears just pouring and can't find the like button. 😔😥

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    Eu amo esse canal Parabéns a essa equipe 👏😍👏😍😍💗

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    Safe and secure at last

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    Dear rescuers, thank you for rescuing 🙏

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    Write in English what you are saying

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    Cute puppy

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  18. Taemi Cho
    Taemi Cho
    12 днів тому

    What really happened to the mom and puppy after they were rescued? Were they adopted?

  19. aventuras da Milly
    aventuras da Milly
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    Love Animals love Animals ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    Hermoso, gracias por compartir estas historias , conmueven mucho el corazón

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    I wish you become muslims Read Quran and think about islam Insallah Thank you so much

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    Que lindo e de chorar com esses resgate de animais mais esse resgate foi o que mais me emocionei que bom que tudo terminou bem

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    Nadia Oliveira
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    Nice,awesone, marvelous vídeo.

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    I feel too tears

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    Super sir

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    Please help dog peoples animal's love thank you God bless you and pupy

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    Thank you all for saving those innocence . your team members are very good and great job 🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍

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    Por lo menos tuvo un final feliz

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    touch in my heart

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    Bring him in yulin hahaha

  34. I'm Unique
    I'm Unique
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    Adorable puppy and lovable mummy

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  36. Jitu Brahmbhatt
    Jitu Brahmbhatt
    26 днів тому

    These are very brave souls.

  37. Hélène PIERRE
    Hélène PIERRE
    27 днів тому

    🙏 Thank you so much for saving poor little dogs 😔💕

  38. Charles Harper
    Charles Harper
    27 днів тому

    I am glad the puppy is safe. But how did and why was there a board in the drain with a green pillow on it? I don't want to call this staged but it strongly appears to be. I know what I saw. If I am mistaken, I apologize.

  39. Елена Грищенко
    Елена Грищенко
    27 днів тому

    Эта доброта - соединить маму и детёныша, она просто потрясает... надо им было ещё заметить собаку и понять, что она - мама. Эххх, доживём ли мы в нашей стране до такого милосердия..? спасибо, что спасаете, показываете, как надо жить

  40. Anna maria Barchielli
    Anna maria Barchielli
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    Immagini meravigliose, commoventi e lo sguardo del piccolo che và dalla paura iniziale al calore che prova nel contatto caldo con la mamma!

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    Thnk u sooo much brooooo 😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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    Mis ojitos están humedos que hermosura se rescate Gracias por ser tan lindos!!!! Con los peluditos

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    Soy mexicana 😍😇👍🤗

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    Thank you

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    O goot

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    Que gente maravillosa gracias por hacer tanto para salvar al cachorro y el encuentro con su mamá fue mágico puro amor gracias ustedes son angeles en la tierra 😍💕🙏

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    Merci de sauvé ces deux pauvres créateurs et de les réunir ensemble merci et bravo que dieu vous bénisse

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    Hola Dios les bendiga grandemente Me gustan sus videos,es lindo ver cómo se interesan por los animales En problemas Dios les pagué

  59. Patricia Thatcher
    Patricia Thatcher
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    Omg that's was his mommy thank you for saving both of them

  60. Patricia Thatcher
    Patricia Thatcher
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    Awwww thank you for saving little dog. God bless you all

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    thay cung qua di❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    😃👍 but what about other puppy's...?

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    Как трогательно,до слез,низкий поклон спасателям!

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    Maria Antonieta De Fatima Cirio Cancian
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    Será que não tinha mais filhotes lá por perto ????

  66. Matilde Gomez
    Matilde Gomez
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    Que historia tan bella y tierna. Una vez más nos muestra cómo hay ángeles humanos para salvar y proteger esta bellas criaturas, no deberían existir animales callejeros, maltratados y olvidados.Gracias estos bellos corazones

  67. Claravoyita Mancbern
    Claravoyita Mancbern
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    Why we don’t learn to love at least a 1/4 of how much these little angels loved????? Thank you for helping and rescued them.💖🙏🏽😇🙏🏽😉

  68. Gabriele Geiss
    Gabriele Geiss
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    Danke für ihre tierliebe , Gott jachwe und Jesus Christus möge sie segnen

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    God bless you for saving is so cute 🐕❤👼🙏

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    Мамочка рядом,какое счастье. Какие милые люди,спасли и позаботились о бедняжках!

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    so sad and happy cozyoure nice

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    imcrying while im watching youre nice people9

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    kamisamida! thank you so much korean people so very good and kind Godbless,

  76. High priestess Of the old religion
    High priestess Of the old religion
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    Didn’t she have anymore puppies?

  77. High priestess Of the old religion
    High priestess Of the old religion
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    Ah poor baby

  78. Deborah Rowe
    Deborah Rowe
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    That puppy is so adorable, and so sweet looking! Poor mom, someone owned her at one time, but now left out in the street!

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    Deus abençoe e sempre à todos

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    And how about the others puppies ? How poor they are 🙀😿

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    Pobrecito mi amor , tan chiquito!

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    There's no way anyone heard that puppy with all the water noise and traffic when they just happened to walk by. And that dog is too clean and healthy looking. This is one of those insidious videos in which people put the puppy in the sewer so they could film a video and make money off it.

  87. Adalia Davi
    Adalia Davi
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    Recebam as bênçãos de Deus sempre seres iluminados por Deus!

  88. Adalia Davi
    Adalia Davi
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    Recebam as bênçãos de Deus sempre seres iluminados por Deus!

  89. Joelle Igloo
    Joelle Igloo
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    C'est vraiment génial de sziver les deux ,de les soigner et de les réunir. Cela remonte le moral de voir ca

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    Que lindo final feliz.obrigada equipe pelo carinho e cuidados

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    Can you go back to that drain, and put a mesh over that other opening? I bet her other puppies got washed away.

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    👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙏🏼❤️🤜🏼... 🦠🔫

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    Proud of you

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    backoffice Acct
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    wheres the full episode

  96. Preston Christine
    Preston Christine
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    Just on time...thank God for the Team! And reunited.... government should secure all holes..poor mamy dog was going to be strangled with that collar.

  97. Nelly Sirisin
    Nelly Sirisin
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    C'est super merci au sauvetage qui fait le bonheur de retrouver sa maman

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    ah nice puppy

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