Cat With Depression Refuses To Eat (Part 1) | Animal in Crisis EP37

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Joonpal hasn't been eating food for 3 months. The reason why he kept refusing to eat is so heartbreaking ;(


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  1. Kritter Klub
    Kritter Klub
    2 роки тому

    Watch Joonpal's marvelous change in part 2 below! ↓↓↓

    1. Jacquelyn Baker
      Jacquelyn Baker
      14 днів тому

      @Enrico Friske i

    2. Denis Fedorov
      Denis Fedorov
      Місяць тому

      @Appolonia Bonilla subtitles are already available ☺️

    3. Cathy Keith
      Cathy Keith
      6 місяців тому

      Thank you for the link. I will

    4. MARTIN.
      6 місяців тому


    5. Meri Rtveliashvili
      Meri Rtveliashvili
      6 місяців тому

      @Clayte Morgan pp$kii ki in in ki

  2. Asmaa' 08
    Asmaa' 08
    14 годин тому

    I have 10 cats. I know how the cats feel. May the new owner of Jonpal full with GOD blessings♥️ and stay healthy Jonpal💕

  3. Dian Mulyani
    Dian Mulyani
    День тому

    So sad 😭

  4. BootsMcNab
    День тому

    I relate to this cat so much..

  5. Marie Novak
    Marie Novak
    День тому

    He has infection and parasite need medicine

  6. Marie Novak
    Marie Novak
    День тому

    Take the cat to Dr may be he has infection and parasite and worms can not eat lost appetite

  7. Edna Alvarez
    Edna Alvarez
    День тому

    So happy kitty is doing better

    День тому

    Ese gatito puede estar enfermo llevarlo al Veterinario, y darle leche! No comida a la fuerza, dele solo leche y déjelo tranquilo!

  9. hannah golladay
    hannah golladay
    2 дні тому


  10. kazities
    2 дні тому

    when my family and i went on a trip for about a week, my cat stayed with my aunt and got so depressed. he wasn’t cleaning himself and would hide. when we finally got home he was better! so to the people that say cat’s don’t care-clearly they do!

  11. MAYA 77
    MAYA 77
    3 дні тому

    Not feel my tears dripping... Very sad

  12. Sarah Jagenberg
    Sarah Jagenberg
    3 дні тому

    People can't seem to understand that many animals if not all, especially cat and dogs, feel deep emotion as much or more than some people.

  13. Conch Republic Patriot / M 0
    Conch Republic Patriot / M 0
    3 дні тому

    😢 ah this hurt my heart ❤️...he looks like my dear Fizz..I would take him.. I haven't cried this hard in a while. Bless that woman !

  14. etrine 126
    etrine 126
    3 дні тому

    Gw nangisssssssa 😢

  15. Gabrielle Mainieri
    Gabrielle Mainieri
    4 дні тому

    I'm ugly crying right now. oh my god, my heart is broken. animals should NEVER suffer. they are so innocent and fragile. we don't deserve them, they must be protected.

  16. Crying bunny
    Crying bunny
    4 дні тому

    People who disliked this video have no soul

    1. sara touzani
      sara touzani
      2 дні тому

      I disliked it because i cried so much

  17. dark master
    dark master
    4 дні тому

    Imagine that you felt sad when you sow a cat in a depression, what about seeing your brothers from human has a food shortage, low health, and they don't have money to purchase food or go to hospital, in almost every case there is no hospital, unless we don't help oursleves so who will do, the animals can help themselves by them selves

  18. Mona Lisa
    Mona Lisa
    4 дні тому

    This made me cry

  19. Cris Ruiz
    Cris Ruiz
    5 днів тому

    dios. como me emociono !!

  20. Kyla Kumar
    Kyla Kumar
    5 днів тому


  21. Shadow Light
    Shadow Light
    6 днів тому

    That why I afraid give my cat to others..I'm afraid they will giving them and switch my cat to another owner to others let me take care of them..even they said I had 10, cats..who cares..I treat them like my child and will do it for rest of my life..

  22. GUS
    7 днів тому

    Cats have no problem at all leaving the old owner. if it sure the new place is no harm and have food for it. Cats don't deserve all the love and attention they get today I'm so tired of it. Pigs are more like a good pet than Cats. In this video surely it's not normal, especially it looks like not allow to get outside enough.

    1. GUS
      5 днів тому

      @v it's nothing to do with this cat. surely it's sick for whatever reason. I'm talking about every cat in general. lack of love from the owner is nothing to do with this... Cat is not Dog. it can be separated from its owner with no hard feeling at all just surprise to the change.

    2. v
      6 днів тому

      @GUS There was no truth in your comment. Cats can feel grief, and you are literally so uninformed about cats.

    3. GUS
      6 днів тому

      @v why because I'm the one brave enough to comment the truth?

    4. v
      6 днів тому

      Eugh. You are truly repulsive.

  23. Tania Regina
    Tania Regina
    7 днів тому

    Queria muito saber como o gatinho está ?😭😭😭😭Deus abençoe vcs 🙏🙏

  24. Anna Ruby
    Anna Ruby
    7 днів тому

    The cat had no will to live, that got me =( He couldn't eat until he opened his heart again. The original owner's disappearance was suspicious, seems like they were in a lot of trouble.

  25. maritzzzzza
    7 днів тому


  26. Arabela Zulfa
    Arabela Zulfa
    8 днів тому


  27. vanessa lee
    vanessa lee
    8 днів тому

    i feel bad for u joon pal get well soon

  28. olo819
    8 днів тому

    11:37 I need your help hooman. 11:46 Cause I know... 12:03 ...IIIII-i know that I can't keep this up any longer ^^ :'-)

  29. anak gembala
    anak gembala
    8 днів тому

    kucingnya sprtinya terpukul skli krn harus berpisah dengan pemiliknya smoe sprti itu 😭😭 ya allah puss maem puuss jgn siksa dirimi spti itu. sy gtw mgkn kucing itu uda sgt2 syang kpda tuannya yg dlu

  30. gio scai
    gio scai
    9 днів тому


  31. Angie_
    10 днів тому

    My heart is completely shattered. I wish that I never had to see a anorexic and bulimic cat. This is horrible. Poor baby.

  32. heidy mansor
    heidy mansor
    10 днів тому

    He is homesick😭😭😭 He missed his owner.

  33. santi keren
    santi keren
    10 днів тому

    what's the reason

  34. Trisna Mutiara
    Trisna Mutiara
    11 днів тому


  35. Nadya Rizka Putri
    Nadya Rizka Putri
    11 днів тому

    Every time when my cats wont eat or refuse to eat, i use syringe (idk what the thing’s real name is, but it is a thing that doctor use for injection and ofc without the needle. Every vet or petshop here in my place sell it for animal purpose). It helps me to feed my cats easier

  36. Ajey K
    Ajey K
    11 днів тому

    I just cried so bad

  37. Balqis Qistina
    Balqis Qistina
    12 днів тому

    some of yall are awful under this comment.....

  38. Lucia Rosas
    Lucia Rosas
    12 днів тому


  39. Najiyah Nana
    Najiyah Nana
    12 днів тому

    Crying 😭💔

    12 днів тому

    Ternyata ini kucing yg viral😢

  41. Am Not Religious
    Am Not Religious
    12 днів тому

    Am dealing with one here😥 I have been syringe feeding her 3 times a day for the past 8 months and I can’t let her die. Not on my watch.

    1. v
      6 днів тому

      Please get her to the vet if not already. I hope the best for you and your cat 🤎

  42. Pankaj
    13 днів тому

    Breaks my heart 💔

  43. stavros
    13 днів тому


  44. Syakirah Ismail
    Syakirah Ismail
    13 днів тому

    Poor oyen😭🥺🥺🥺🥺

  45. عمر محمد
    عمر محمد
    14 днів тому

    I'm crying now😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔

  46. fanny faisal
    fanny faisal
    14 днів тому

    Kalau kucing peliharaan di taro di shelter pasti perlahan akan mati, apalagi sebelum nya dibuang pasti ada rasa trauma

  47. Bev Rush
    Bev Rush
    14 днів тому

    Poor cat

  48. Mahima Sinha
    Mahima Sinha
    14 днів тому

    My poor child. My poor child

  49. Anis Rusman
    Anis Rusman
    14 днів тому

    3:16 I thought they cooked the cat 😭😭😭 pls HAHAHAAH

  50. Wolfie198gamer🐺
    14 днів тому

    Imagine doing that to a baby like "Eat come on!" And rubbing it all over their face-

  51. Chewy
    15 днів тому

    please save the animals even though we are different countries and religions

  52. Mayang Sumirat
    Mayang Sumirat
    15 днів тому

    Im crying😭

  53. Kim Donaghey
    Kim Donaghey
    15 днів тому

    The poor baby. I can't imagine what an animal feels like with depression. It's hard on humans obveiesly harder for animals cause they can't express their feelings like a human.

  54. Arachnid Therapsodae
    Arachnid Therapsodae
    15 днів тому

    I'm not crying, you're crying.

  55. Adrian Benhard
    Adrian Benhard
    15 днів тому

    Animal have a soul and mind

  56. The Lawnmower Lady
    The Lawnmower Lady
    16 днів тому

    Two different cats.

  57. jose casado
    jose casado
    16 днів тому


  58. Markus Witt
    Markus Witt
    17 днів тому

    Let the cat die, and buy a dog😉

  59. Ma_ Trujillo_Delgado
    Ma_ Trujillo_Delgado
    19 днів тому

    Any pet need medicine, love, too much hug & patience ❤

  60. Shaila Ahmad
    Shaila Ahmad
    19 днів тому

    I sad

  61. Gabi Montero
    Gabi Montero
    21 день тому


  62. Gabi Montero
    Gabi Montero
    21 день тому


    22 дні тому

    aprete sub en español y 😨😪😥😭😭😭😭😭

  64. Meryem Türkmen
    Meryem Türkmen
    22 дні тому


  65. Krazy killar47
    Krazy killar47
    23 дні тому

    They are caring for the cat in the incorrect way . Leaving in a room with other cats that's its not familiar with is not good . It's needs 1 to 1 care .

  66. Мадина
    23 дні тому

    Желаю здоровья счастья Аллах поможет 🙏🙏 ангелочек 💙🙏 всё будет хорошо 💙💙 я так рада что всё хорошо закончилось спасибо ангелочек мило 👼😭😭

  67. Aysha Zia
    Aysha Zia
    23 дні тому

    My cats twin died and she didn't realise she us dead she was tried to wake him up When he realised that he is dead he almost got tired sad

  68. Victoria S
    Victoria S
    24 дні тому

    Why on seven hells would anyone leave their pet in the street just like that??? Joonpal was lucky he got into good hands... what if he didn't?

  69. Angela 15091960veneza
    Angela 15091960veneza
    25 днів тому

    Ele e carinhoso fofinho 💜💕😍

  70. Angela 15091960veneza
    Angela 15091960veneza
    25 днів тому

    Que Deus abençoe todas as pessoas que cuida e protege os animais 🐱😁😙 tadinha da dona ela sofre junto

  71. ahmet tok
    ahmet tok
    25 днів тому

    Beautiful docu. Beautiful hearts of these people. Thank you for caring for these cats. The owner would never let this cat if he knew the cat gets this much depressed. Poor fellow. Made me cry.

  72. Saswati Ghosh
    Saswati Ghosh
    26 днів тому

    the cat was born on the same year as mine 😀

  73. Meryem Türkmen
    Meryem Türkmen
    29 днів тому


  74. سندس طنوب
    سندس طنوب
    29 днів тому

    المفروض جابوليه اخت تانيه

  75. moomoomoomoo .moomoomoo
    moomoomoomoo .moomoomoo
    29 днів тому

    poor baby

  76. Lydia Castillo
    Lydia Castillo
    Місяць тому

    Adorable 🥰 boy you make the miracle

  77. Lydia Castillo
    Lydia Castillo
    Місяць тому

    😭 l love cats 🐈 with all my heart ❤️

  78. テンシャン
    Місяць тому

    It's must be a CKD . Kidney Disease . A Cats need a lntravenous . Please Take Her To A Animal Hospital As Soon As Possible .

  79. Israe Bouhouch
    Israe Bouhouch
    Місяць тому

    وين العرب

  80. Cloudy Damia Sofea
    Cloudy Damia Sofea
    Місяць тому

    Remember people just because they aren't humans Doesn't mean they don't have feelings

  81. Bruno
    Місяць тому

    My heart breaks like ice on top of leafs seeing this... poor angel =´(

  82. Yd 223
    Yd 223
    Місяць тому

    Another example of how stupid cats are

    1. v
      6 днів тому

      WTF?? HOW??

  83. とさ
    Місяць тому

    ジャンポールは腎不全じゃないのですか? まず必要なのは治療と、経鼻カテーテルでの強制給餌だと思います。

  84. Yuriko Kun
    Yuriko Kun
    Місяць тому


  85. ذوكش
    Місяць тому

    سبحان الله

  86. The name is Morty
    The name is Morty
    Місяць тому

    The look in the cats eyes is like puss and boots when he’s pleading or about to cry snd it *hurts so bad*

  87. Miu Ganteng
    Miu Ganteng
    Місяць тому

    Joonpal needs love and affection. If the shelter lady was not so busy and spent few minutes with Joonpal showing her affection before directly feeding the food to Joonpal, I believe Joonpal will eat. Fortunately, then Joonpal met an angel as his new mom who will take good care of him with love. Thank you, Da Hae ...

  88. Bee Awesome
    Bee Awesome
    Місяць тому

    This happened to my cat after being treated by the vet with flea treatment. I fed her by hand for weeks. Never gave her a flea treatment again and never had the problem again. I now have 2 cats and I comb them often. I put salt in the corners and along the edges of the floor and wall it kills fleas. I haven't seen 1 flea since doing this. Many cats and dogs have a very life threatening reaction to chemical flea treatment.

  89. Cristina Mazzoni
    Cristina Mazzoni
    Місяць тому

    ma che siete pazzi, non ce la faccio così.

  90. Beth Collier
    Beth Collier
    Місяць тому

    The prescription drug Valium given to a feline increases their hunger and wanting to eat dramatically. Felines at the vet ER I've seen in the past that don't want to eat.. set a can of high grade cat food in front of their face.. give them an IV push of Valium.. instantly their face is down in the can. Problem solved.

  91. N.
    Місяць тому

    2.30 am and crying for this beautiful baby

  92. nycowgirl34
    Місяць тому

    His eyes--pupils are dilated. This is usually a sign of a sick cat. Has it been to a vet? Depression is nothing to mess with. That baby needed to grieve. I rescued an older abused. You got to let them come to you. You can't force them into doing anything! It's on their terms. That's the life of a cat. I would have adopted him in a heartbeat. My baby had a happy life her last two years with me. She deserved a hundred more like it but she got cancer because idiots gave her vaccines in the flank area and not the leg. Nothing could be done. She was doomed to die. At least she had the very best last two years of her life in a very loving home. She knew I was over the moon for her and I knew she loved me like no other. Cats know a good person when they see them. He will be happy now for sure.

  93. Kathy Skorek
    Kathy Skorek
    Місяць тому

    Poor cat. Hard to watch ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🐱🐾♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️😍🌷♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  94. Reddish Tyrone
    Reddish Tyrone
    Місяць тому

    Im depressed too, depressed buds.

  95. Nicole Doughty
    Nicole Doughty
    Місяць тому

    What a sweetie! Hearts of gold!

  96. Nicole Doughty
    Nicole Doughty
    Місяць тому

    Sad story but what a precious, loving cat! I hope that the cat and it's new owner live happily ever after together ❤

  97. Gaby Navarrete
    Gaby Navarrete
    Місяць тому

    So wonderful that she and the kitty are in contact for love and patient!

  98. dazaicore
    Місяць тому

    awe... that poor kitty... i just want to hug that cat.

  99. OKMAN
    Місяць тому

    I fired my cat yesterday when I was angry. She had depression. I looked for her everywhere, but I couldn't find her. I hope she's okay because she's only four months old.

  100. ayra
    Місяць тому

    the woman who wanted to adopt junpal is the real angle